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1st Year English Book 3 Notes – Plays and Poems


In this post, I am sharing complete 1st Year English Book 3 Notes for students of Class 11. These notes are being shared with the students who are searching for good quality notes of Class 11 English Book 3. I have already shared 1st Year English Book 1 notes on ilmihub. So, for the students, I am sharing these 1st year English Book 3 Notes. Students can also download PDF Books of 11th Class, all subjects.

We can divide 1st Year English into 2 parts, English Book 1 and English Book 3. The 1st book is consisted of Short Stories and book 3 contains plays and poems. As I have already shared 1st year English short stories notes, I am going to share English Class 11 Plays and Poems Notes. This book contains 3 Plays and 20 poems. 1st Year All subjects Notes are also being posted from time to time on ilmihub.com.

1st Year English Book 3 Plays Notes

There are total 3 Plays in the textbook, hereunder are the notes:-

Heat Lightning

(By Robert F. Carrol)

Visit to a Small Planet

(By Gore Vidal)

The Oyster and the Pearl

(By William Saroyan)

1st Year English Book 3 Poems Notes

There are total 20 Poems in 11th Class English Book III and here are the notes:-

The Rain

(By W.H. Davies)

Night Mail

(By W.H. Auden)

Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now

(By A.E. Housman)

O Where Are You Going?

(By W.H. Auden)

In the Street of the Fruit Stalls

(By Jan Stallworthy)

A Sindhi Woman

(By Jan Stallworthy)


(From Ecclesiastes)


(By Percy Bysshe Shelley)

The Feed

(By Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi)

The Hollow Men

(By T.S. Eliot)


(By William Henry Davies)


(By Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

A Tale of Two Cities

(By John Peter)

My Neighbour Friend Breathing His last!

(By Bullah Shah Translated by A.R. Luther)

He Came to Know Himself

(By Sachal Sarmast)

God’s Attributes

(By Jalaluddin Rumi Translated by Dr. Nicholson)

The Delight Song

(By N. Scott Momaday)

Love – an Essence of All Religions

(By Jalaluddin Rumi Translated by Dr. Nicholson)

A Man of Words and Not of Deeds

(By Charles Perrault Translated by Robert Samber)

In Broken Images

(By Robert Graves)

Class 11 English Book 3 Notes

I have tried my level best to provide you with good quality content for Class 11 English Notes. I have divided this post into 2 parts, 1st Year English Book 3 Plays Notes and 1st Year English Book 3 Poems Notes. Both sections contain comprehensive notes. The name of the author is mentioned under each Play and Poem’s name. Then, you will see Urdu translation, Short Questions with Answers and MCQs quiz. Go for each one by one and prepare well before exams.

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