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1st Year English Ozymandias Poem Question Answers Notes


This post contains 1st Year English Ozymandias Poem Question Answers Notes for class 11 students. Ozymandias Poem has been written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poet describes the reality of life very beautifully. This is the 8th poem in Intermediate Part 1 syllabus English book 3. I have taken these Ozymandias Poem Short Questions with answers notes from Kips notes. This poem’s question answers are not important from the point of view of examination. However, students should go through the complete syllabus/notes during their preparation. You can get 1st Year English all poems notes at ilmihub. I have also shared First Year English Book 1 notes too.

11th English Poem 8 Ozymandias Short Questions Notes

Q. Who wrote the poem, “Ozymandias”?

Ans. P.B. Shelley wrote the poem, “Ozymandias”.

Q. What did the traveler see in the desert?

Ans. The poet met a traveler from an antique land. The traveler said that two vast and trunkless legs of stone stood in the desert, and near the legs lay a shattered visage, half-sunk in the sand. It was the sculpture of King. Ozymandias who was very cruel and proud.

Q. Who does the traveler appreciate the art of the sculptor?

Ans. The traveler says that the sculptor has very beautifully carved the expressions of pride, anger, and scorn in the face of stone. The traveler appreciates the skill of the artist who perfectly depicts the inner self of the tyrant on lifeless thing like a statue.

Q. What was inscribed on the pedestal of the trunkless legs of stone?

Ans. The words inscribed were:

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings;

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

The words engraved suggest that Ozymandias was very proud of the achievement.

Q. What conclusion does the poet draw in the poem, “Ozymandias”?


What is the theme of Ozymandias Poem?

Ans. Shelley has highlighted the importance of good deeds which remain in this world forever and the vices which have not place in posterity. The poem shows the poet’s revolutionary spirit and his abhorrence of cruelty and oppression.

Q. What message do the words on the base of the statue convey?

Ans. The words on the base of the statue convey the message that all the mighty and the superior, with all their great works, become non-existent one day. The inscribed words mean that all feelings of superiority and vanity are only an illusion.

Q. What are the expressions on the shattered visage of Ozymandias?

Ans. The shattered visage of the king of kings, Ozymandias, depicts his great pride, anger, unkindness, and scorn for others.

Q. What kind of feelings does the poem create in the reader’s mind?

Ans. Shelley points to the bitter reality of time. An individual does pass away, and with him all signs of his existence and superiority disappear. There remains nothing behind but the sand which stands for wastefulness and total destruction.

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