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11th English The Feed Poem Explanation of Stanzas Notes


In this poem, I am sharing 1st Year English The Feed Poem Explanation of Stanzas with Reference to the Context for intermediate part 1 students. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi is the poet of The Feed Poem. This poem is included in 11th English Textbook 3. I have taken these 1st Year English Poem 9 notes from Kips Notes. The poem reflects the love of a mother towards her children very beautifully. Students should visit 1st year English Complete notes to get English Pair of Words, Moral Stories, letters, and applications notes.

1st Year English Poem 9 The Feed Explanation with Quotations


These lines have been taken from thepoem, “The Feed” by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.


The poet compares the skill of man with that of a tiny bird. The mother sparrow has a natural art of breaking a small particle of food to set life on foot, but man has acquired the art of breaking the atom to bring suffering to humanity. Man needs to learn to give life rather than snatch it.

Explanation of Stanza No.1 ( Lines 1-6)

The poem describes a feeding scene of a mother sparrow to her young ones. Symbolically, it is the scene of every home where mothers provide their children with food and the basic necessities of life. The poet says that mother sparrow has come to the next holding a grain of millet in her beak. The younger ones are so little that when they cry for food it seems that they are mere beaks without anybody. They are hungry and in dire need of food. Everyone is very anxious to get food but the mother sparrow has only one grain of millet to feed them. An interesting thing is that she provides everyone with a piece of that millet every time, she comes to the nest. The poet is spell bound by this careful and just distribution of food.

Critical appreciation

A lot of body images are used to show the physicality of a mother’s love for her children.

Explanation of Stanza No.2 (Lines NO.7-9)

The mother sparrow has only one grain of millet and she has to fee her ten young ones. Everyone is anxious to be fed first. She has equal affection for each one. She is in conflict how to feed each of them with proper food. The food is scarce and she is to feed all of them equally. Whom should she console and provide food and whom not?

Critical appreciation

The organic images of comfort and solace show the intensity of the mother’s love for her children. The use of interrogatives highlights the dilemma in the mother’s mind.

Explanation of Stanza No.3 (Lines 10-15)

Through nuclear fission, the process of breaking atom, man has devised nuclear weapons to destroy humanity. Humanity has to suffer because of this knowledge of breaking down the atom. But the need of the hour is to divide the grain to bring up the humanity. The poet wants to show the problems of scarcity of food and basic necessities of life in the present age. He stresses on the fact the real development is not to destroy humanity but to find out a proper solution of the distribution of basic necessities of life the way the mother sparrow does. He says that the challenge is to solve this problem. If we are able to do so, this will be the real progress.

Critical Appreciation

The poet compares the constructive and life-sustaining skill of the sparrow with the destructive skill of the human beings, the interrogative tone of the poet shows the poet’s cynical tone about the human beings’ ability to be constructive like a sparrow.

Main Idea of The Feed Poem

The poem reflects great love and affection of mother for her young ones. Mother treats all her children alike and provides everyone with sufficient necessities of life. We need not only proper necessities of life but also motherly love to distribute them properly.

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