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Love – An Essence of All Religions Poem Explanation


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Love – A Essence of All Religions Poem Explanation of Lines Notes for Class 11 Students. This is the 18th Poem from 1st Year English Book 3, written by Jalaluddin Rumi and notes taken from kips notes. Students should also visit 1st year English Book 3 complete notes for all poems and plays notes.

1st Year English Poem 18 Love – An Essence of All Religions Poem Explanation with Reference


These lines have been taken from the poem, “Love – An Essence of All Religions” by Jalaluddin Rumi.


Love is the greatest force. It is the only passion through which suffering becomes joy, bitterness becomes sweetness, hell becomes heaven, severity becomes kindness, fury becomes mercy, and a king becomes a slave.

Explanation of Line No.1

Through Love thrones become roses, and

Jalaluddin Rumi describes the wonderful effects of love. Love in its essence is a spiritual fire. It is love that makes the world go round. He says that love can change some situation completely. Throns becomes roses through love. He is of the view that adverse circumstances or problems of our lives can be changed into favourable circumstances. It encourages us to face the cruel world.

Explanation of Line No.2

Through Love vinegar becomes sweet wine,

Sweetness of love provides such an ecstatic state that the bitterness of the3 world affects little. Even a sour or bitter wine becomes sweet due to sweetness of love.

Explanation of Line No.3

Through Love the stake becomes a throne,

Love provides satisfaction and contentment. In intense love even gallows seem a royal chair. A lover can lay down his life with smiling face and feels victorious. His satisfaction lies in love instead of worldly gains.

Explanation of Line No.4

Through love misfortune becomes good fortune,

Love enhances tolerance and courage and a hope ful person can change adverse situation into favourable circumstances. Bad luck seems good luck as love makes you free from materialistic desires. It unfolds the secret of happiness that lies in contentment.

Explanation of Line No.5

Through love burning fire becomes pleasing light,

The poet narrates the miraculous power of love that makes burning fire a pleasing and comforting light. He alludes to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) who was thrown into fire by Nimrod, but the fire became harmless due to his intense love for God.

Explanation of Line No.6

Through love stone becomes soft as butter,

The poet asserts the amazing power of love that can change a stone hearted person into a gentle and kind one. It brings about a sudden change in attitude. We can discuss the line in other way that in love, stones can give injuries but not pain. Love’s spiritual effect makes us forgetful of physical pains and pangs.

Explanation of Line No.7

Through love grief becomes a joy,

Love is a hope that encourages us to face sorrows and suffering manfully. It teaches us that pleasure and miseries, mirth and tears go side by side in life. So one starts enjoying the circumstances he is passing through. Optimistic approach toward sorrows makes them a challenge and one passes through them happily.

Explanation of Line No.8

Through love lions become harmless,

Love has magical effect not only on human beings but also on fierce beasts. Even we can tame the wild and fierce animals with love and kindness.

Explanation of Line No.9

Through love sickness becomes health,

Love is faith, hope and courage which lead towards life. The candle of love lessens the darkness of frustration and sickness departs silently. Love’s healing effect takes little time to cure any ailment.

Explanation of Line No.10

Through love wrath seems to be a mercy,

Love changes anger or rage into mercy or kindness. Our love for our fellows does not aggravate the circumstances. Our anger for our friends and foes is not the same. We take care of our friend or dear ones even in the state of anger and get milder. So, in love we forgive the severe mistakes of our near ones and dear ones. It is love that forces us to be mild and kind with them even in anger.

Explanation of Line No.11

Through love the dead rise to life,

Love is optimism and optimism in life. Where thereis love, there is life. Pessimism leads towards destruction and death while optimism negates pessimism and leads towards life. So, it is love that enlightens the candle of hope in our hearts and blesses us life. So, frustrated and dejected people find the ray of hope and come towards life.

Explanation of Lines No.12

Through love the king becomes a slave.

“Even the wisest among us bow under the heavy weight of love,” Love enlightens soul and negates the importance of worldly interests and status. Even a king rejects the status and becomes a slave in love.

Main Idea of the Poem

All religions preach love to God and His creature. Love has healing power. It has power to change situation, personality and attitude. Love in its essence is a spiritual fire. It is love that makes the world go round.

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