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1st Year English Poem 2 The Night Mail Synonyms Quiz


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Poem 2 The Night Mail Synonyms for students of Class 11. This is the 2nd poem in 11th Class English Book 3. Students of Intermediate Part 1 should visit this link for notes of all poems. I have already shared 1st Year English Book 1 Notes. Furthermore, from ilmihub you can download 1st year all subjects books pdf. These notes have been taken form Kips Notes. You will see the night mail poem synonyms mcqs as quiz. Go through them for practice before taking exams.

The Night Mail Poem Synonyms MCQs Notes for Class 11 – Kips Notes

There are ten Important Synonyms from The Night Mail Poem. Each Multiple Choice Question has 4 possible options. Find out the correct answer. You can see the Show Answer button to see the correct answer.

Pulling up Beattock, a steady climb.      

(A) abrupt
(B) successful
(C) descending
(D) continuous

(A) abrupt

The gradient’s against her, but she is on time.

(A) huge stone
(B) steep rock
(C) upward slope
(D) granite

(C) upward slope

Past cotton-grass and moorland boulder.

(A) boundary
(B) dusk
(C) odour
(D) stone

(D) stone

Past cotton-grass ad moorland boulder.

(A) fenland
(B) farmland
(C) untilled land
(D) dreamland

(C) untilled land

Shovelling white steam over her shoulder.

(B) leaking
(C) throwing
(D) smelling

(C) throwing

They slumber on with paws across.

(A) stumble
(B) growl
(C) idle
(D) sleep

(D) sleep

Snorting noisily, she passes…

(A) crying
(B) shouting
(C) whistling
(D) breathing

(D) breathing

Birds turn their heads as she approaches, stare at her blank-faced coaches.

(A) expression less
(B) loaded
(C) dark
(D) heavily

(A) expression less

Sheep-dogs cannot turn her course.

(A) syllabus
(B) way
(C) mood
(D) idea

(B) way

Birds turn their heads as she approaches/stare at her blank-faced coaches.

(A) comes near
(B) goes beyond
(C) snorts
(D) shovels

(A) comes near

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