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1st Year English Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet Question Answers Notes


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet Question Answers Notes for 11th Class Students. This is Play No.2 in 11th Class English Book 3. I have shared complete notes of 1st Year English for students. So, If you are looking for Play 2 visit to a small planet 1st Year English Notes, you don’t need to anywhere else. Here at ilmihub, you will find complete and comprehensive A visit to a small planet notes. If you need 1st Year English Book 1 Short Stories Notes, Go Here. You should also visit English Book 3 Notes for Class 11.

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11th Class English Book 3 A Visit to a Small Planet Play Questions Answers

Hereunder, the first 10 Visit To a Small Planet Question Answers from Exercise, and next are additional Questions with Answers from Kips notes for practice.

How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers? Write five sentences.

Ans. Kreton and his people do not die and they can control their thoughts. Kreton can read people’s minds. He can tell in advance what will happen next. He can create an invisible wall that keeps him and his spaceship from any harm. He flies in a spaceship that has no instrument board.

What is the purpose of Kreton’s visit to the Earth?

Ans. Kreton says that he has come to the Earth as a tourist as his hobby is to study the planet, Earth and the civilization on it. He, however, declares at the end of the play that he has come to take charge of the planet, Earth.

How advanced is the civilization of Kreton as compared to that of the Earth?

Ans. According to Kreton, the civilization on Earth is only at the initial stages. The people of the Earth still stick to their primitive traits like wonder, fear and pride. Kreton, on the other hand, is immortal, can read people’s minds and can foretell any happening.

Can the people of the Earth compete with those of Kreton?

Ans. The people of the Earth cannot compete with those of Kreton. His people are much more advanced scientifically. They can be immortal and can control their thoughts. On the other hand, the Earth people are mortal. They have not yet gotten rid of their primitive traits. Their civilization is only at the initial stages.

How damaging is violence in life? Rite five sentences.

Ans. Violence is a threat to life and civilization. It results in frustration and chaos. It stops the cycle of progress and development. It negates all moral values and good norms. It creates revengefulness and savagery.

What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?

Ans. In the year 50000, people will be living on different heavenly bodies. They will have conquered diseases, social and economic problems and perhaps even death. Their lifestyle and ways of enjoyment will be totally different.

How much impressive were the morals of Kreton?

Ans. Kreton is very polite, gentle and well-mannered. He answers all questions of General Powers good-humouredly although the latter speaks to him in a very vulgar way. He does not sound patronizing while commenting on the progress the people on the Earth have made.

What is the role of General Powers in the play?

Ans. In the play General powers in a symbol of the superpower, America. He concludes that the visitor is a spy, sent to the Earth by an alien race to study the people on it, preparatory to invasion. It is through him that we come to know that the visitor has come to take charge of the planet, Earth.

What is the theme of Kreton’s study?


What information does Kreton have about the planet, Earth?

Ans. The thorough study of Kreton has made of the planet, Earth, is as follows:

“The planet, Earth is divided into five continents with a number of large islands. It is mostly water. There is one moon, Civilization is just beginning.”

How does Kreton impress General Powers?

Ans. General Powers is impressed when he comes to know that Kreton’s spaceship has no instrument board or food and that the visitor is advanced enough to protect himself and his machine by creating an invisible wall around them. It impresses him to find that Kreton can read people’s minds and speak all languages and that he and his people do not do.

Class 11 English Book 3 A Visit to a Small Planet Play Additional Questions Answers from Kips Notes

Here are some Kips Notes Additional Questions with Answers from Play Visit to Small Planet for FA, FSC Part 1 students.

What does Roger Spelding say about the flying object as he concludes his TV broadcast?


What statement of General Powers regarding the suppositions about the falling object does Roger Spelding quote as he winds up his TV broadcast?

Ans. Roger Spelding concludes his T.V broadcast quoting General Powers that the flying object which has given rise to meaningless suppositions is nothing more than a meteor passing through the earth’s orbit. He further quotes General Powers that Americans will be the first to travel in space.

What kind of person is Roger Spelding?

Ans. Roger Spelding is an unctuous and ambitious man. He seems to have no opinion of his own. He very obediently, or rather comically, believes what his seniors say. He boasts of his being closely in touch with General Powers.

How much does Ellen Spelding like her Father’s TB broadcast?

Ans. Ellen Spelding, a lively girl of twenty, fidgets as she listens to the broadcast of her father. He grumbles at her indifference to the limelight he enjoys.

What is Ellen interested in?

Ans. She is interested in John Randolph, her fiancé, whom Roger Spelding does not like.

Why doesn’t Roger Spelding like his daughter’s fiancé, John Randolph?

Ans. Roger Spelding does not like his daughter’s fiancé, John Randolph, because he believes that John is everything except a hard-working, ambitious man who will make his mark in the world.

Does Ellen like her father’s idea of marrying an ambitious or wealthy man?

Ans. Ellen does not agree with her father’s idea of her marrying an ambitious or wealthy man. She likes John and believes that he is hardworking man. She likes him for what he is.

What kind of man does Roger Spelding wish his daughter to marry?

Ans. Roger Spelding believes that there is nothing wrong with marrying a wealthy man. However, he wishes that his daughter was married to a hard-working ambitious man who will make his mark in the world.

Does Mrs. Spelding like her daughter’s fiancé, John Randolph? What does she say about him?

Ans. Mrs. Spelding likes John, her daughter’s fiancé. She says that he is a perfectly nice boy.

What kind of person is John Randolph?

Ans. John is an easy-going sort of person. He is not an ambitious man who will make his mark in the world. He seems to be content with his business of growing walnuts on his farm.

Where does the flying object land?

Ans. The flying object lands in Roger Spelding’s house. It lands right in Mrs. Spelding’s rose garden.

What do the Spelding say as they see something landing in their house?

Ans. Mrs. Spelding, Ellen and John believe that it is a spaceship as they see something falling right in their house. Roger Spelding, however, disagrees with them. He keeps reiterating that it is either a meteor or a balloon.

What does the visitor from outer space look like?

Ans. The visitor is in his forties. He is a mild, pleasant-looking man with side-whiskers, and is dressed in the fashion of 1860.

What do Mr. and Mrs. Spelding say as they see Kreton getting out of his spaceship?

Ans. He looks perfectly nice to Mrs. Spelding. She likes his side-whiskers. On the other hand, Roger Spelding thinks that the alien is either a monster or an impostor.

What does Roger Spelding do, as he sees the flying saucer landing in his house and a man getting out of it?

Ans. As Roger Spelding sees a flying object landing in his house and a man getting out of it, he at once calls the Army and declares that General Powers is coming over. He suggests that he and others leave the house until the Army gets there.

Where does Kreton, come from?


Which planet or solar system does Kreton come from?

Ans. When asked where he is from, Kreton says that he is neither from the planet, Earth, nor from Mars or any other planet known to the Earth people. He says that he is from another solar system, or rather from a planet in another dimension.

Why does Kreton say that he cannot explain to General Powers as to where the former has come from?


How long, according to Kreton, will it take General Powers to understand where Kreton has come from?

Ans. Kreton says that it is possible that he could explain it to a mathematician as to where he (Kreton) is from, but not to a layman like General Powers for another five hundred years.

How does AIDE, describe Kreton’s spaceship?

Ans. The captain reports that the flying object is elliptical, with a fourteen-foot diameter. He adds that it is made of an unknown metal that shines, and inside the spaceship, there isn’t anything – no instruments, no food, nothing.

Why and how does General Powers threaten Kreton when AIDE reports that there is no instrument board in the flying object?

Ans. When General Powers comes to know through AIDE that there is no instrument board in the flying machine, he threatens that Kreton will be in very serious trouble if he does not cooperate and tell what he did with his instrument board.

Why can’t Spelding interview Kreton? What hampers his being the first to break the news on TV about the alien?

Ans. Spelding cannot interview Kreton or break the news about aliens in his TB broadcast because General Powers has put complete censorship on any leaking of the story about the alien. General Powers declares that Spelding’s house is under martial law.

Why can’t John call his family to tell them that he is all right?

Ans. As John moves to telephone his family to tell them that he is all right, AIDE forbids him to do so, telling him that Spelding’s house is a military reservation until the crisis is over. He forbids John to leave the house without General Power’s permission.

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