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1st Year English The Rain Poem Synonyms MCQs – 11th Class Notes


Here I am sharing 1st Year English Book 3 The Rain Poem Synonyms MCQs for FSC Part 1 Students. The Rain Poem is 1st Poem in English Intermediate Part 1 Book 3. This is the most important poem that I am sure the paper setter will not skip. You should visit English 1st Year Notes for Class 11 Book 1 Short Stories Notes too.

I have already shared the 1st Year English Books PDF and trying to update from time to time 1st Year Notes of all subjects. I have taken these synonyms from Kips Notes. The Rain Poem is about Rich people and Poor people. The poet has symbolized them with rich leaves and poor leaves.

Class 11 English Book 3 Poem 1 The Rain Synonyms

Hereunder are 10 important synonyms of The rain poem for 1st Year students. Each Multiple Choice Question contains 4 possible options. You can click the show answers button to see the correct answer.

1. I hear rich leaves on top.

(A) wealthy
(B) having a lot of rain
(C) prosperous
(D) lower leaves

(B) having a lot of rain

2. Giving the poor beneath/drop after drop.

(A) the needy
(B) lower classes
(C) withering leaves
(D) lower leaves

(D) lower leaves

3. It’s a sweet noise to hear.

(A) melodious sound
(B) constant noise
(C) discordant sound
(D) rattling sound

(A) melodious sound

4. And when the sun comes out.

(A) goes
(B) appears
(C) sets
(D) descends

(B) appears

5. A wondrous light will fill, each dark, round drop.

(A) odd
(B) strange
(C) wonderful
(D) average

(C) wonderful

6. It will be a lovely sight.

(A) magical
(B) charming
(C) strange
(D) sharp

(B) charming

7. It will be a lovely sight.

(A) object
(B) scene
(C) site
(D) event

(B) scene

8. The bottom is wooden.

(A) base
(B) bottle
(C) plant
(D) top

(A) base

9. I hope the sun shines bright.

(A) suspect
(B) respect
(C) expect
(D) reject

(C) expect

10. Giving the poor beneath.

(A) wealth
(B) below
(C) torture
(D) dress

(B) below

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