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11th English The Delight Song Poem MCQs


Here are 1st Year English The Delight Song Poem MCQs for Intermediate part 1 students. These multiple choice questions have been taken from the 17th Poem from 1st year English Book 3. I have taken these notes from kips notes. On ilmihub, students can get quality educational notes for Class 11.

1st Year English The Delight Song Poem Multiple Choice Questions

The blue horse stands for ________.

(A) gravity
(B) attraction
(C) agility
(D) slackness

(C) agility

The author of the poem is ________.

(A) N. Scott Momaday
(B) Robest Graves
(C) W.H. Auden
(D) Robest Charles Perrault

(A) N. Scott Momaday

“Fish” in the river________.

(A) Rolls and shines
(B) rolls and strolls
(C) rolls and dims
(D) flows and shines

(A) Rolls and shines

The poet is the evening ________, the lustre of meadows.

(A) light
(B) bright
(C) twilight
(D) meal

(A) light

A cluster of beads stands for ________.

(A) profusion
(B) brightness
(C) scarcity
(D) blindness

(B) brightness

The poet is the glitter on the crust of ________.

(A) earth
(B) snow
(C) flower
(D) soil

(B) snow

The poet is ________ of these things.

(A) the whole debate
(B) the whole nightmare
(C) the whole dream
(D) the whole heaven

(C) the whole dream

The poet stands in good relation to all that is ________.

(A) dutiful
(C) sorrow ful
(D) fruitful

(D) fruitful

Because of good relation to all that is beautiful, the poet is ________.

(A) dead
(B) inspired
(C) alive
(D) exhausted

(C) alive

The flame of four colours means ________.

(A) colourful fire
(B) colour of life
(C) trials and tribulations of life
(D) beauty of nature

(B) colour of life

The feather on the bright sky means ________.

(A) a flight
(B) a bird
(C) business
(D) bright sky

(B) a bird

The poet says that he is the flame of ________.

(A) bright light
(B) bright colours
(C) seven colours
(D) four colours

(C) seven colours

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