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A Sindhi Woman Poem Question Answers – 11th English


This post is based on A Sindhi Woman Poem Question Answers notes for Class 11. In this beautiful poem the poet Jan Stallworthy has paid tribute to the hardworking Sindhi Women. This is the 6th poem in 11th English Book 3. From this post students can prepare questions with answers of A Sindi Woman Poem. These notes has been taken from Kips Notes. Complete 1st Year English Book 3 Notes are being shared gradually but 11th English Book 1 notes have been completed on ilmihub.

1st Year English Poem 6 A Sindhi Woman Short Questions Notes

Who wrote the poem, “Sindhi Woman”?

Ans. Jan Stallworthy wrote the poem, “Sindhi Woman”?

What does the poet reflect on seeing the woman?

Ans. When the poet sees the woman walking through the bazaar gracefully, she reflects that only those people are strong and walk straight who bear the burden of life and yet retain their grace and steadiness.

What is the main ideal of the poem, “Sindhi Woman”?

Ans. The main idea of the poem is that work gives us grace and composure. It does not let us stoop or fall. It gives us strength and fulfillment. It helps us learn to walk erect.

What picture of the Karachi slums do we get after reading the poem?

The poet portrays the awful living conditions in the Karachi slums, which are littered with stones, garbage, filth, pieces of broken glass and other rubbish. The slums are a symbol of poverty, misery and suffering.

What picture of the Sindhi woman do we get after reading the poem?


How does the poet describe the Sindhi Woman?


What makes the Sindhi Woman attractive?

Ans. The poet pays a tribute to the Sindhi woman who is barefooted and walks through a bazaar of the Karachi slums which are littered with garbage, filth and stones. The path is uneven and she carries weight, yet she retains her grace and elegance.

What kind of place does the Sindhi woman pass?

Ans. The Sindhi woman goes through a place in the Karachi slums where there are stones, garbage, excrement, and pieces of broken glass. The path in uneven yet she walks smoothly and gracefully.

What does the woman carry?

Ans. The woman carries a stone jar on her head. Here a stone jar means the burden of responsibilities and liabilities that she has to fulfill in her life.

How can our life become graceful?

Ans. Hard work, courage and sense of duty can make our life graceful.

What is the main idea of the poem A Sindhi Woman?

Ans. The poet highly appreciates the dignity of hard work and steadfastness of the people who work under hostile and adverse circumstances.

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