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1st Year English Times Poem Question Answers


1st Year English Times Poem Question Answers are here for the students of Class 11. Links to the relevant notes of this post are available at the bottom of this post. These notes have been taken from Kips notes. There are only a few questions with answers being shared here. As I am sure this poem is not very important with the poem of view of question answers for exams. However, students should go through these short questions to make sure that nothing is missing and that everything is prepared for their annual exam. Click Here for all poems notes which has been taken from 11th English Book 3. However, 1st Year English Book 1 notes are also available.

1st Year English Times Poem Short Questions with Answers

Q. Who wrote the poem, ‘Times’?

Ans. The poem has been taken from, ”Ecclesiastes”.

Q. What is the central idea of the poem, “Times”?


Q. What is the theme of the poem?


Q. What law of nature does the poem emphasize?


Q. How does time affect our lives?

Ans. The law of predetermination and predestination dominates our life. In some situations, however, man seems to be free to do anything. But what makes something meaningful or meaningless is only time.

Q. What do you understand by the lines: “A time to keep silence, And a time to speak”?

Ans. The poet says that sometimes it is wise to keep silence, and sometimes it is sinful to do so. He means to say that things are relative in their meanings, and it is their timing that makes all the difference.

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