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Class 11 Notes of All Subjects PDF Punjab Board – FSC Part 1

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1st Year Notes PDF Download All Subjects of Punjab Board

This post contains Class 11 Notes of all subjects PDF for FSC 1st Year Students. Students of Intermediate par 1 who are worried about their studies and looking for self-study notes are at the right place. On ilmihub.com, I always try to post quality content. Hereunder, you will be able to read FSC 1st Year Notes Online or you can download them in PDF. Notes of compulsory books like Islamiat, Urdu, English and Science Books like Physics Biology and Chemistry are available for you. 1st Year test material for self-assessment will be posted soon.

To make things easy for the students I have divided notes into chapters. So, you can read online or download FSC Part 1 notes chapter-wise. Further, in some books, you are enabled to study chapters into 3 parts MCQs, Questions Answers and Numericals. You can also download the 11th Class Text Books of Punjab Textbook Board by going here. 11th Class Science Books notes are available in the following format:

  • Short Questions and Answers
  • Long Answers and Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (Solved MCQs)
  • Solved Numericals

FSC Part 1 Notes PTB

Are you searching for 1st year notes for all subjects of PTB? Click on the name of the subject to reach the post to read online or download PDF.

Islamiat (Compulsory) Notes

Urdu (Compulsory) Notes

English (Compulsory) Notes

Physics Notes

Chemistry Notes

Mathematics (Science Group) Notes

Biology Notes

Computer Science Notes

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Benefits of 11th Class Notes PDF

There are many famous colleges working under the Punjab Board and they refer students to buy notes from different publishers. 1st year notes Punjab board are for those students who are studying in Government colleges or those students who do not have resources to buy costly key books. These productive notes can help the students to get good marks in the exams. It is very easy to prepare for annual exams from the ebook and also beneficial.

  • You can download notes and books in PDF Format.
  • Keep them on your mobile or laptop and bring them anywhere.
  • Choose the notes easy or difficult as per your choice.

There are many students who waste their time the whole year and in the end, run behind guess papers. This is not a good method to study as it will not help you to get a high percentage. I will advise students to download notes chapter-wise one by one. Start from Chapter 1 and give it a whole week. Prepare its Questions and Answers, MCQs and Numericals and then go for the next chapter. You will see in a few months you will cover your complete syllabus. Later, you can go for revision.

In the modern age, getting good marks is very necessary. Students who choose science studies and study physics, chemistry and biology are probably looking for the medical field. They should know they will have to face very high competition in Medical Colleges. So, get benefit from these Class 11 Notes PDF, study hard and get good marks.

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