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11th English The Feed Poem Question Answers Notes


This post contains 1st Year English The Feed Poem Question Answers Notes for Class 11 Students. This is a very beautiful poem written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, a very famous Pakistani poet. I have taken these The Feed Poem Questions and Answers notes from Kips Notes. Visit this link for 1st Year English all poems notes.

1st Year English Poem 9 The Feed Short Question Answers Notes

Q. Who wrote the poem, “The Feed”?

Ans. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi wrote the poem, “The Feed”.

Q. What does the mother sparrow hold in her beak?

Ans. The mother sparrow holds a small grain of cereal in her beak.

Q. How do the young ones of the sparrow look when they cry?

Ans. The young ones of the sparrow are so little in size that when they cry, it appears, as though they were beaks from head to toe.

Q. Who does the mother sparrow feed her young ones?

Ans. The mother sparrow feeds her young ones by breaking one small grain of cereal into tiny pieces. There are ten young ones to be fed, but the mother sparrow successfully feeds them all.

Q. What does the poet say in the poem, “The Feed”?


What is the theme of the poem?


Write a critical appreciation of the poem.


What do you feel after reading the poem?

Ans. The poet compares the skill of man with that of a tiny bird. The mother sparrow has a natural art of breaking a small particle of food to set life on foot, but man has acquired the art of breaking the atom to bring suffering to humanity. Man needs to learn to give life rather than snatch it.

Q. How does the mother sparrow console her young ones?

Ans. In spite of the littleness of food available, the mother sparrow is eager to feed her young ones. She consoles them by conjoining her beak with theirs, and breaking a grain of cereal into tiny parts.

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