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11th English God’s Attributes Poem Explanation of Lines


This post contains 1st Year English God’s Attributes Poem Explanation of Lines (Stanzas) with reference to the context for Class 11 students. This poem has been written by Jalaluddin Rumi and taken from 1st Year English Book 3. I have taken these notes from kips notes. Students are highly advised to visit this post for all poems notes.

1st Year English Poem 16 God’s Attributes by Jalaluddin Rumi Explanation of Stanzas (Lines)


These lines have been taken from the poem, “God’s Attributes” by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.


The poet describes the importance of Allah’s names which are meant to refine our character. These attributes define the limits of our character so that we may not displease Allah or go astray.

Explanations of Lines (1-2)

The poet describes the importance of Allah’s attributes that have special effect on our character. In these lines the poet mentions Allah’s attribute “Seeing”. He says that Allah Almighty calls Himself seeing so that His this attribute make us realize that seeing power of Allah. Allah observes our all actions which we perform either secretly or openly. When our Creator is the observer of our each and every activity or action we may be afraid of this displeasure and avoid from committing sins. Thus the poet shows refining effect of Allah’s attribute on our personality.

Explanation of Lines (3-4)

The poet mentions Allah’s hearing power in these lines. He explains that Allah calls Himself “Hearing” everything so that his hearing power may make us careful about our daily conversation. We should avoid immorality, vulgarity and obscenity in our talks. We should be careful about our use of language. We should be mindful of selection of words lest they should displease our Creator. We should abstain from antireligious or uncivilized language. Allah’s this attribute will refine our daily speech and build up our good moral character.

Explanation of Lines (5-6)

In these lines the poet shows Allah’s knowing power. He says that Allah knows everything, visible or invisible. He knows thoughts and aims. Allah shows His this attribute so that we may avoid making evil plans, having ill intentions and planning against others. When we have fain in Allah’s knowing power, it means nothing is hidden from Him. Allah’s knowing power will frighten us not to mechanize evil plans. When Allah knows the secrets of mind and heart, we will abstain from thinking or planning evil and be refined with the passage of time.

Explanation of Lines (7-8)

The poet emphasizes that all these names of Allah are true Allah’s attributes. Allah Almighty possesses all these qualities and exercises them. These are effective attributes and not unintentional or accidental names of Allah. The poet gives the example of a Negro who may be called camphor by chance. Negro is too black while camphor is extremely white. So it is an accidental or by chance to call Negro camphor. But Allah’s attributes are real and effective.

Explanation of Line (9-10)

The poet stresses that all these names have been derived from Allah’s attributes and he possesses all of them. Their effectiveness can not be called into questions. They are not useless and ineffective titles of our Creator. He has and can exercise all these attributes. Keeping all these attributes in mind we should have faith in these powers of Allah Almighty. It well ensure Allah’s blessings for us.

Main Idea of the Poem God’s Attributes

The poet describes importance of Allah’s names which have special effect to refine our character. He asserts the effectiveness of Allah’s names that are derived from Allah’s attributes.

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