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1st Year English Poem 2 Night Mail Questions and Answers


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Night Mail Poem Question Answers for 11th Class Students. This is the 2nd poem in 1st Year English Book 3. I have already shared Class 11 English Book 3 notes on ilmihub. Furthermore, Book 1 Short Stories notes are also available. Students can study these 1st year English notes online.

Night Mail poem is written by W.H. Auden. In this poem, the poet narrates the qualities of Night Mail Train in very beautiful words. Hereunder, I am sharing some important Short Questions and Answers from this poem.

Class 11 English Night Mail Poem Short Question Answers

Who wrote the poem, “Night Mail”?

Ans. W.H. Auden wrote the poem, “Night Mail”.

What does the Night mail bring?

Ans. The Night Mail brings cheques and postal orders to people living in various parts of the country. The rich and the poor, the shopkeeper at the corner and the girl next door all wait for the Night Mail to bring them letters.

Does the gradient delay the journey of the Night Mail?

Ans. The gradient is against her but it does not delay the journey of the Night Mail. Whether the railway track is an upward ascent or a sloping descent, the Night Mail is always on time.

How do birds and sheep-dogs react as Night Mail approaches?

Ans. As the Night Mail approaches, birds turn their heads to look at her blank-faced coaches, while sheep-dogs continue to sleep as they are unable to change her course.

What happens as the Night Mail passes by a farm?

Ans. No one wakes up as the Night Mail passes by a farm only a jug in a bedroom gently shakes. It does not disturb the peaceful sleep of the people living near the railway track.

Does the Night Mail observe punctuality?

Ans. Yes, the Night Mail observes punctuality. The poet lends human characteristics to the Night Mail. It maintains its steadiness in spite of the difficulties in its way.

How does the Night Mail establish communication across the country?

Ans. The words “crossing the border” indicate that the Night mail links people living across the country. It establishes communication not only across the country but also among the people living in various parts of the country.

What is the theme of “Night Mail”?

Ans. The poet personifies an inanimate and crude object like Night Mail as a vibrant horse. It establishes communication between different segments of society. It maintains its steadiness despite the difficulties in its way.

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