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1st Year English The Rain Poem MCQs with Answers


In this post, you will find 1st Year English Book 3 The Rain Poem MCQs with Answers for FSC Part 1 Students. This is the 1st Poem in Intermediate Part 1 English Book 3. You should also visit 1st Year English Notes if you are a student of Class 11. The poem was written by W.H. Davies. This poem is based on 2 stanzas. In the 1st stanza, the poet tells about Rain and in the 2nd stanza he describes the scene after rain.

Students should not miss English Book 1 Short Stories Notes as well. However, to make things convenient for students, I have shared 1st year PDF Books of all subjects and 11th Class Notes of all subjects as well. The Rain Poem Solved MCQs Download Link is available at the end of the post before the relevant notes heading.

11th Class English Book 3 Poem The Rain Solved MCQs Notes

Hereunder, you will find 12 MCQs from practice which I have taken from Kips notes. You will find 4 options under each question. Click on the show answer button to see the correct answer.

1. Who was drinking rain?

(A) a man
(B) the leaves
(C) a bird
(D) a tree

(B) the leaves

2. What was making the noise sweet?

(A) a guitar
(B) drops of rain
(C) a singer
(D) trees

(B) drops of rain

3. When did the sun come out?

(A) in the morning
(B) in the clouds
(C) in the noon
(D) when the rain would stop

(D) when the rain would stop

4. The round drops are brightened by______________.

(A) sunshine
(B) moonlight
(C) colour
(D) star light

(A) sunshine

5. The poet hears leaves______________.

(A) taking rain
(B) receiving rain
(C) getting rain
(D) drinking rain

(D) drinking rain

6. Rich leaves on top give drop after drop to______________.

(A) the dry leaves beneath
(B) the miserable leaves beneath
(C) the poor leaves beneath
(D) the wet leaves beneath

(C) the poor leaves beneath

7. The noise the poet hears is______________.

(A) queer
(B) sweet
(C) nice
(D) loud

(B) sweet

8. A ______________ light will fill each dark, round drop when the sun comes out.

(A) sharp
(B) dim
(C) wondrous
(D) bright

(C) wondrous

9. The poet hopes that after the rain the sun will shine______________.

(A) dimly
(B) suddenly
(C) brightly
(D) awfully

(C) brightly

10. The poet hopes that after the rain the sun will shine and it will be ______________.

(A) a clear sight
(B) a favourite sight
(C) a sweet sight
(D) a lovely sight

(D) a lovely sight

11. Who is the poet of The Rain Poem?

(A) W.H. Davies
(B) W.H Auden
(C) T.S Eliot
(D) Jan Stallworthy

(A) W.H. Davies

12. How does the noise of the rain sound to the poet?

(A) sweet
(B) distracting
(C) inaudible
(D) awful

(A) sweet

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