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Love – An Essence of All Religions Poem Question Answers


Here I am sharing 1st Year English Love – An Essence of All Religions Poem Question Answers Notes for Class 11 Students. This is the 18th Poem from 1st year English, written by Jalaluddin Rumi and notes taken from Kips notes. If you are a student of Intermediate Part 1, visit this link for complete 1st Year plays and poems Notes.

1st Year English Poem 18 Love – An Essence of All Religions Poem Question Answers

Q.1 Who wrote the poem, “Love – An Essence of All Religions”?

Ans. Jalauddin Rumi wrote the poem, “Love – An Essence of All Religions”.

Q.2 Why does the poet put emphasis on love?


What is the effect of love?


What is the central idea of the poem?

Ans. Love is the greatest force. It is the only passion through which suffering becomes joy, bitterness becomes sweetness, hell becomes heaven, severity becomes kindness, fury becomes mercy, and a king becomes a slave.

Q.3 Is life worth-living without love?

Ans. Life without love would be unbearable, painful; bitter and ugly. It is only love that makes life livable, beautiful and enjoyable. Love can make fearful things harmless and with love a ruler becomes a servant.

Q.4 What does the poet means when he says, “Through love the dead rise to life”?

Ans. The poet alludes to the love of Christ who, in the name of his Lord, made the dead rise to life. The poet wants to say that love turns the impossible into a possible thing.

Q.5 “Through love burning fire becomes pleasing light.” Comment.

Ans. The poet seems to allude to Hazrat Ibrahim’s faith in and love for God. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) jumped into fire but his love for his Creator transformed the burning fire into a pleasing light.

Q.6 What is meant by the line, “Through love stone becomes soft as butter”?

Ans. Stones stands for a troublesome situation which needs to be resolved. Stones loses its hardness only with the passion of love. Through love, a stonehearted person can become as soft as butter.

Q.7 What is our understanding of the line, “Through love sickness becomes health”?

Ans. Love is the greatest force that can do wonders. Love has a great healing powers, too. Love gives willpower and strength that can change sickness into health.

Q.8 What is meant by “Through love the king becomes a slave”?

Ans. A king’s wrath can yield to compassion if he has love and soft corner for his subjects. A king rules the hearts of people if he serves them. The spirit of love softens hearts and leads one to mercy and forgiveness. 

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