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A Sindhi Woman Poem Explanation of Stanzas – 11th English


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English A Sindhi Woman Poem Explanation of Stanzas for students of class 11. This is the 6th poem in the English Textbook 3. In this poem poet pays a tribute to the Sindhi women with the point of view of their hardwork. Especially he appriciates their strong will. The notes has been taken from Kips Notes. Go here for complete 1st Year English Book 3 Poems Notes. However, 11th English Book 1 notes are also available at ilmihub. Explanation of Poem A Sindhi Woman by Jan Stallworthy is being shared. This poem is consisted of 2 stanzas. All subjects 1st year books PDF have also been shared.

1st Year English Poem 6 A Sindhi Woman Explanation of Stanzas


These lines have been taken from the poem, “A Sindhi Woman” by Jan Stallworthy.


The poet highly appreciate the dignity of hard work and steadfastness of the people who work under hostile and adverse circumstances.

Explanation of Stanza No.1

A Sindhi woman with bare feet is walking easily in the bazaar of Karachi. She is walking elegantly and smoothly. Her walk is like a wave travelling smoothly on the surface of water. The poet is impressed by her wave like movement that is lovely and rhythmic. The blowing wind sweeps or drives back the cloth from her face. Her dress is floating and she is moving comfortably towards her destination. Although she is carrying weight on her head, she is at ease. Nothing disturbs her peaceful walk. Her daily labour has made her strong enough to be comfortable with all her work. In this way her work has proved a blessing in disguise. Her work has not only made her strong but also charming and lovely. The word undulant grace shows her grace, charm and beauty. She is not polished like the rich woman of higher status but her hard work has made her physically beautiful, strong and fit.

Critical Appreciation

The rhyme scheme in these lines is a, b, b, a, c, c. The alliterative sounds like ‘bare’ … bazaar’, ‘blown…back’ and ‘high…head’ mimic the rhythm in the Sindhi woman’s tread.

Explanation of Stanza No.2

The poet watches the woman crossing over, stones, rubbish, refuse, faces and broken pieces of glass in an overcrowded and untidy part of Karachi. The poet has been bent down by age and hardships of life. He thinks and comes to the conclusion that those people, who work hard, live a successful life. They are strong and powerful. The poet pays tribute to working class living in filthy areas of the city. He appreciates the working woman. He has also provided a gloomy and miserable picture of Karachi slums in a realistic way. Heaps of garbage refuse and human waste, scattered stones and broken pieces of glass show the miserable condition of Karachi slums.

Critical appreciation

The rhyme scheme in these lines is a, b, b, a, c, c. The alliterative sounds like ‘stand’…straight’, and ‘walk … weight’ mimic the rhythm in the Sindhi woman’s tread.

Main Idea of A Sindhi Woman Poem

The poet pays a rich tribute to hard work. He appreciates the gifts and blessings conferred on human beings because of hard work. The poet praises the determination of Sindhi women and their strong will. He is of the opinion that only those are successful who never yield to heavy odds.

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