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1st Year English Play 1 Heat Lightning Synonyms MCQs Notes


In this post, I am sharing FSC 1st Year English Book 3 Play 1 Heat Lightning Synonyms MCQs for 11th Class Students. This is Play No.1 of 3 from 11th Class English Book 3 Textbook. This book contains, plays and poems for FSC Part 1 Students. I have previously shared Heat Lightning Play MCQs with Answers and now Sharing Heat Lightning Play Synonyms.

If you are a student of Class 11, you should visit FSC 1st Year All Subjects Notes. However, if you want only English Notes, you can go to this link for FSC English Notes. Besides this English book 1 Notes are already shared.

11th Class English Book 3 Play 1 Heat Lightning Synonyms MCQs – FSC Part 1 Notes

Hereunder you will find 28 Solved Synonyms MCQs from 11th Class English Book 3 Heat Lightning Play. These Synonyms have been taken from Kips Notes. I am sharing them in the shape of a quiz. Click on the show answer button to see the correct answer.

1. Her hair is disheveled.

(A) thin
(B) diminished
(C) thick
(D) disarranged

(D) disarranged

2. She sobs and rushes to the Man quickly.

(A) weeps
(B) jumps
(C) exclaims
(D) hurries

(A) weeps

3. You couldn’t think of something that might give the police a lead?

(A) guarantee
(B) clue
(C) achievement
(D) vision

(B) clue

4. There is a second flash of lighting, illuminating the center door.

(A) illustrating
(B) identifying
(C) brightening
(D) enlarging

(C) brightening

 5. The door rattles viciously.

(A) rumbles
(B) slams
(C) clatters
(D) collapses

(C) clatters

6. The door rattles viciously.

(A) violently
(B) intentionally
(C) noiselessly
(D) dimly

(A) violently

7. I’ll bet she’s smarter than you are.

(A) taller
(B) prettier
(C) cleverer
(D) thinner

(C) cleverer

8. The Girl seems as if she were about to faint.

(A) pretend
(B) lose consciousness
(C) lose colour
(D) be frightened

(B) lose consciousness

9. The Girl lets out a muffled cry.

(A) horrible
(B) repressed
(C) dreadful
(D) loud

(B) repressed

10. He strolls up towards the center door.

(A) walks in a quick way
(B) walks in an unsteady ay
(C) walks in a relaxed way
(D) walks in an awkward way

(C) walks in a relaxed way

11. She moves away suspiciously.

(A) sheepishly
(B) mockingly
(C) pretentiously
(D) doubtfully

(D) doubtfully

12. There is a hum of a motor in the distance.

(A) clamour
(B) low sound
(C) splash
(D) sharp sound

(B) low sound

13. The girl is stunned.

(A)  submerged
(B) drenched
(C) astounded
(D whirled

(C) astounded

14. The girl rushes after him, slamming the door.

(A) banging
(B) locking
(C) knocking
(D) clinging

(A) banging

15. The piercing light of the flashlight is the only light in the room.

(A) dull
(B) distorted
(C) dim
(D) sharp

(D) sharp

16. A dog seizes the man with its sharp teeth.

(A) claws
(B) barks
(C) pierces
(D) grabs

(D) grabs

17. The girl comes out to pat the dog.

(A) hit
(B) shove
(C) assault
(D) stroke

(D) stroke

18. The girl looks pretty nervous.

(A) tense
(B) strong
(C) smart
(D) happy

(A) tense

19. The second man said that he was imagining things.

(A) ascertaining
(B) dreaming
(C) checking
(D) making

(B) dreaming

20. The girl says that she is in no particular hurry.

(A) small
(B) special
(C) good
(D) poor

(A) small

21. The second man asks if somebody has been bothering her.

(A) punishing
(B) taunting
(C) admiring
(D) disturbing

(D) disturbing

22. The man moves to it and peers out the glass.

(A) bangs
(B) looks
(C) throws
(D) rubs

(B) looks

23. “Oh God, I’m scared”.

(A) curious
(B) frightened
(C) chased

(B) frightened

24. I could hear the water splashing under his feet as he ran.

(A) running
(B) streaming
(C) spattering
(D) oozing

(C) spattering

25. You’ll never get over being afraid of thigs if you won’t face them.

(A) continue
(B) overcome
(C) mind
(D) stumble over

(B) overcome

26. The girl looks at the light and begins sobbing again.

(A) weeping
(B) talking
(C) laughing
(D) wondering

(A) weeping

27. The drab interior of a bus station along a deserted highway.

(A) Outside
(B) Superior
(C) Inside
(D) inferior

(C) Inside

28. She shudders at her own thoughts.

(A) cries
(B) shivers
(C) smiles
(D) worries

(B) shivers

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