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1st Year English Night Mail Poem MCQs Notes


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Night Mail Poem MCQs Notes for the Students of Class 11. These notes relate to Class 11 English Notes. WH Auden is the poet of The Night Mail Poem. I am sharing this post for those students who are looking online for 11th Class English Poem 2 The Night Mail MCQs Notes. I have already shared 1st Year English Book 1 notes which are based on Short Stories. However, students can visit this link if they need complete 1st Year English Notes.

11th Class English Poem 2 The Night Mail MCQs Quiz – Kips Notes

Here are some multiple choice questions, taken from the night mail poem. Students should practice these important objective type questions before taking exams.

The Night Mail is _________.

(A) an express train
(B) a passenger train
(C) a train that carries mail
(D) a train that carries goods

(C) a train that carries mail

The Night Mail brings letters for the girl next door means that it brings_________.

(A)formal letters
(B) informal letters
(C) love letters
(D) official letters

(B) informal letters

The Night Mail reaches_________.

(A) in time
(B) before time
(C) on time
(D) late

(C) on time

On the arrival of Night Mail the birds _________.

(A) are frightened
(B) have flown away
(C) are pleased
(D) are unconcerned

(D) are unconcerned

Why do the sheepdogs continue to sleep on the arrival of the train? Because they can’t_________.

(A) attack it
(B) change her course
(C) bite it
(D) get into it

(B) change her course

The Night Mail comes from_________.

(A) mountains
(B) moorland boulders
(C) across the border
(D) wind-bent grasses

(C) across the border

The Night Mail brings cheques and _________.

(A) money orders
(B) court orders
(C) pay orders
(D) postal orders

(D) postal orders

The Night Mails brings letters for the _________ at the corner.

(A) house
(B) farm
(C) shop
(D) slum

(C) shop

The _________ is against her but she is on time.

(A) grassland
(B) moorland boulder
(C) sceptre
(D) gradient

(D) gradient

Pulling up Beattock, a steady _________.

(A) drive
(B) journey
(C) climb
(D) travelling

(C) climb

The Night Mail shovels over her shoulder _________.

(A) black smoke
(B) white steam
(C) hot vapours
(D) dark steam

(B) white steam

Snorting_________, she passes / Silent miles of wind-bet grasses.

(A) lazily
(B) steadily
(C) heavily
(D) noisily

(D) noisily

Birds turn their heads as the Night Mail_________.

(A) snorts
(B) approaches
(C) passes
(D) turns

(B) approaches

Sheep-dogs cannot turn her _________.

(A) way
(B) course
(C) part
(D) direction

(B) course

What does gently shake in a bedroom when the Night Mail passes?

(A) a glass
(B) a table
(C) a jug
(D) a cup

(C) a jug

By what does the train pass?

(A) cotton-grass
(B) cotton-field
(C) cotton-mill
(D) cotton-bales

(A) cotton-grass

How does the train sort?

(B) silently
(C) noisily
(D) calmly

(C) noisily

The train passes silent miles_________.

(A) moorland
(B) wind-bent grasses
(C) cotton-grass
(D) farmlands

(B) wind-bent grasses

What is the reaction of birds when the train comes?

(A) They begin to chirp
(B) They fly away
(C) They turn their heads to see it
(D) They fall asleep

(C) They turn their heads to see it

Who wakes up when the train passes the farm?

(A) everybody
(B) a baby
(C) no one
(D) a farmer

(C) no one

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    January 23, 2024 at 6:44 am

    1st mcq is wrong. Answer is c because it carries letters not passengers.


    • admin

      February 2, 2024 at 11:42 am

      Corrected. Thank you for reporting the mistake.


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