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11th English God’s Attributes Poem Question Answers


This post contains 1st Year English God’s Attributes Poem question answers for Class 11 students. This poem has been written by Jalaluddin Rumi and taken from 1st Year English Book 3. I have taken these notes from kips notes. Students are highly advised to visit this post for all poems notes.

1st Year English Poem 16 God’s Attributes by Jalaluddin Rumi Questions with Answers Notes

Q.1 Who wrote the poem, “Allah’s Attributes”?

Ans. Jalaluddin Rumi wrote the poem, “Allah’s Attributes”.

Q.2 Why does Allah call Himself “Seeing”?

Ans. Allah calls Himself “Seeing” so that we may not commit sins or get involved in evil doing. This attribute of Allah serves as a warning to those who may be tempted to indulge in wrong doings.

Q.3 Why does Allah call Himself “Hearing”?

Ans. Allah calls himself “Hearing” so that we may not speak bad words or engage ourselves in offensive talk. Allah wants us to avoid all evil or scandalous talk.

Q.4 Why does Allah call Himself “Knowing”?

Ans. Allah calls Himself “Knowing” so that we may not make any evil plan to harm somebody. Allah knows all that we do in public or in private.

Q.5 How many attributes are mentioned in the poem?

Ans. Three attributes of Allah are mentioned in thepoem, and they are “Seeing”, “Hearing” and “Knowing”.

Q.6 What is the effect of the attributes of Allah on us?


How do these attributes help in refining the character of a person?

Ans. The attributes of Allah help us to refine our character and live a good life. The attributes of Allah keep us from living an immoral life. They are meant to guide us and help us to distinguish between right and wrong.

Q.7 Are Allah’s attributes merely accidental names?


Why aren’t Allah’s attributes mere vain titles of the First Cause?

Ans. Allah’s attributes are not merely accidental names of vain titles of the First Cause. They are meant to help and guide us during our frief stay on earth so that we may not go astray or live of sinful life.

Q.8 What makes us scared of sinning?

Ans. We are scared of sinning if we believe that Allah knows everything that we do, and hears whatever we say or think about.

Q.9 Do we keep in mind attributes of Allah in our daily life?


Do you think these attributes of Allah are remembered and kept in mind by us in our daily routine work?

Ans. All religions preach modesty and piety. All religions inculcate righteousness in their followers. But, even then, there are vices and sins, guiles and wiles, usually, our life routine presents least reflection of our faith in these attributes.

Q.10 Write some other attributes of Allah?

Ans. Allah is Beneficent and Merciful. Allah is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Allah is Creator of all things, great and small.

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