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O Where are You Going Poem Question Answers for Class 11


1st Year English Poem 4 O Where Are you Going Questions and Answers for Class 11 Students. This is the 4th Poem in 11th Class English Book 3. This poem is based on the imaginations of poet. There is a dialogue between two opposite forces. At the end of the poem conclusion is that “if we are courageous and ambitions, we can surpass the uncertain odds in life.” Besides “O Where are You Going Poem Question Answers“, I am updating complete 1st Year English Book 3 Notes. However, students can get 11th English Book 1 Notes as well.

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1st Year English Poem 4 O Where are You Going Short Questions with Answers

Q.1 Who wrote the poem, “O Where you Going”?

Ans. W.H. Auden wrote the poem, O Where you going.

Q.2 What does the poet want to say in the poem, “O Where you Going”?


What is the theme of the poem “O Where you Going”?

Ans. Two opposite forces are at work in the mind of a person heading towards his goal. Negative forces are fear and uncertainty while the positive are courage and determination. The poet says that the brave cannot be discouraged by destructive forces.

Q.3 What does the fearer say to the farer?

Ans. The fearer says that the death in the guise of dusk will come to the farer. He says that the evil spirits and other destructive forces will attack the rider unawares, and the signs of a horrible disease will frighten him to death.

Q.4 What is the effect of the reader’s words on the rider?

Ans. the rider remains resolute and the evil designs of the fearer fail to make him dispirited and demoralized. The reader’s discouraging words do not succeed in dissuading the traveler from the way to his destination.

Q.5 What kind of feelings does the poet create in the minds of the readers?

Ans. The poet breathes a spirit of steadfastness and determination into the minds of the readers. He creates the feelings of manliness and hopefulness in the readers.

Q.6 What does the title of the poem signify?

Ans. The title of the poem signifies a feeling of fear, uncertainty and insecurity. The title seems to suggest that someone is calling us to make us aware of the danger.

Q.7 What do you feel after reading the poem?

Ans. After reading the poem, we feel that courage, fortitude and determination lead us to our goal. A cowardly person dies every moment, while a fearless person paves his way through hardships.

Q.8 What is the fatal disease described by the horror?

Ans. The horror tries to horrify the hearer by warning him that a fatal skin disease will overpower him. The words ‘socking disease’ in the poem refer to the extreme fear in the mind of the frightened person.

Q.9 Why, according to the reader, will the rider not be able to cross the valley?

Ans. The reader warns that the rider will not be able to cross the valley because there will be unbearable heat like that of hell which will burn him to death. He says that there will come a huge gap on his way that will prove the rider’s grave.

Q.10 How, according to the horror, will the strange figures terrify the hearer?

Ans. The horror tries to terrify the hearer that ghostly figures will chase and attack him. The horror warns that death, in the guise of invisible creatures like demons and witches, will come to the traveler.

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