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The Rain Poem Explanation of Stanzas with Reference to the Context


In this post, you will find 1st Year English Book 3 The Rain Poem Explanation with Reference to the Context, Critical Appriciation and Main Idea Notes. You will find this poem at No.1 in 1st Year English Book 3. This is very important Poem for the students of Intermediate Part 1 from the point of view of exam. I have taken these notes from Kips Notes. W.H. Davies is the poet of this poem. English 1st Year Notes are also available. But if you need 11th Class book 1 Short Stories Notes, visit this link.

This Poem symbolized 2 classes of the society, rich people are symbolized with rich leaves whereas, poor people are symbolized with poor leaves. The rich leaves are those who get rain directly and deliver the rain drops to the poor leaves beneath them.

11th Class English The Rain Poem Explanation with Reference to the Context

Hereunder, you will find The Rain Poem Stanza 1 Explantion and Stanza 2 Explanation with Reference to the context along with critical appreciation and Main Idea of The Rain Poem.

Stanza No.1


These lines have been taken from the poem, “The Rain” by W.H. Davies.


The audio visual effect produced by the rain is very pleasing to the human sense. The poet believes that the pinching bitter reality of poverty around us is counterbalanced by the regeneration and enrichment which the sunlight brings.

The Rain Poem Stanza 1 Explanation

It is raining and the poet hears the melodious sound of rain drops falling on the uppermost leaves. He is captivated by the natural phenomenon. The poet calls the uppermost leaves “rich” as they directly receive the rain. These rich leaves pass water drop after drop to the leaves that are under them. The poet calls the lower leaves “poor” as they receive the rain indirectly. The poet hears the noise of falling rain drops and feels as if he were listening to some sweet music.  The poet personifies leaves and gives them human characteristics when he uses the word ‘drinking’ for them. It seems to the poet as though the leaves were sipping and gulping rain drops like human beings. The poet has also used a figure of speech called ‘Oxymoron’ by using the word, ‘sweet noise’. In ‘Oxymoron’ apparently, contradictory words are combined for a special effect. The noise is a harsh, irregular sound but the poet calls it sweet noise which means melodious sound.

Critical Appreciation

The poet has deftly used an oxymoron in the phrase ‘sweet noise’ by yoking two opposite ideas. This oxymoron serves to heighten the auditory impact of the rain on the readers by converting the apparently cacophonic sound into a symphony. The rhyme scheme in these lines is a, b, c, b, d, d.

Stanza No.2

The Rain Poem Stanza 2 Explantion

Each and every form of nature attracts the poet. After it stops raining, the sun will shine brightly that will fill every spot with sparkling light. The dark drops of water will gain sparkle. He rounds water drops full of sunshine will present a wonderful sight. The poet hopes that the sun will shine brightly and add to the natural beauty. It will be a glorious scene to see light everywhere. Symbolically, these lines show the poet’s optimistic approach towards miseries and sorrows. One day, every dark nook and corner will be brightened by the generosity of the sun. These lines are full of optimism.

Critical Appreciation

The visual images like ‘the sun’, ‘round’, ‘bright’ and ‘light’ balance the impact of rain and sunlight on the landscape. The rhyme scheme in these lines is a, b, c, b, d, d.

Main Idea of The Rain Poem

The poem is a depiction of a rainy scene and a musical display of rain. The poet enjoys the phenomenon of nature. He hears rich leaves on the top drinking water and giving the poor beneath drop after drop. He enjoys this sweet noise. Thus, a natural phenomenon becomes a source of comfort and pleasure. The poem also gives the message of optimism that one day the sunshine will brighten every dark corner and place.

The Rain Poem Quotations for Explanation

Relevant Notes

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