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1st Year English Book 1 Short Stories Notes for Class 11


English Book 1 Short Stories Notes for Class 11 Students – FSC 1st Year

This post contains FSC 1st Year English Book 1 Short Stories Notes for Class 11 Notes. I have divided all the short stories into 3 Parts, translation, Short Questions and Answers and MCQs. There are 15 Short Stories in the textbook of 1st Year English. Hereunder I have shared the notes of all stories. You can go through all the short stories one by one. Don’t take burdon and don’t wait for the exams to get prepare. Keep moving slowly and soon you will overcome the syllabus.

FA, FSC 1st year English Book 1 Complete Notes

In this portion of 1st Year English Notes, You will not only find the textbook exercise but I will include some other content from Kips and other famous academies for students. Ilmihub‘s this effort is to make things easy and reachable for all the students of Pakistan.

1. Button, Button

Written by Richard Matheson

2. Clearing in the Sky

Written by Jesse Stuart

3. Dark They Were, and Golen Eyed

Written by Ray Bradbury

4. Thank You, Ma’am

Written by Langston Hughes

5. The Piece of String

Writen by Guy De Maupassant

6. The Reward

Written by Lord Dunsany

7. The Use of Force

Written by William Carlos Williams

8. The Gulistan of Sa’di

Written by Sheikh Sa’adi

9. The Foolish Quack

 a Folk Tale

10. A Mild Attack of Locusts

Written by Doris Lessing

11. I Have a Dream

Written by Martin Luther King

12. The Gift of Magi

Written by O.Henry

13. God be Praised

Written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

14. Overcoat

Written by Ghulam Abbas

15. The Angel and the Author – and Others

Written by Jerome K. Jerome

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