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A Man of Words and Not of Deeds Poem Question Answers


Here, I am sharing 1st Year English A Man of Words and Not of Deeds Poem Question Answers Notes for Intermediate Part 1 students. This is the 19th poem from the English Book 3 syllabus of Class 11. Charles Perrault is the author of this poem. These notes belong to kips notes. I will recommend students to go for 1st Year English Book 3 Notes which contains all poems and plays notes. Don’t forget to follow u on Facebook.

1st Year English Poem 19 A Man of Words and Not of Deeds Short Questions

Q.1 Who wrote the poem, “A Man of Words and Not of Deeds”?

Ans. Charles Perrault wrote the poem, “A Man of Words and Not of Deeds”.

Q.2 What is the theme of “A Man of Words and Not of Deeds”?


What is the message of the poem?


What happens when a man spends his life with the help of words and not of deeds?

Ans. A man who only talk and does nothing live a meaningless and wasteful life. The poet wants to say that a talkative man is doomed to live a wretched life and die a fearful death.

Q.3 What is the condition of the garden when the weeds start growing?


What is the significance of the image of ‘a garden full of weeds’?

Ans. A garden full of weeds is a symbol of uselessness and fruitlessness, while snow is the symbol of lifelessness numbness and death. The poet wants to say that an inactive person contributes nothing to society. He lives a life of a parasite.

Q.4 What does the poet want to say through the symbols of an eagle and a lion?

Ans. Symbolically “an eagle in the sky” is the gift of life, and “a lion at the door” is a threat to life. The poet wants to say that if the gift of life is not valued or is not availed of properly, it becomes a cause of pain, regret and fear.

Q.5 How does the life of an idle man pass through different phases?

Ans. According to the poet, an idle child is self-destructive and a burden on his parents. When he is young, he becomes a threat, and his parasitic existence undermines the very strength of society. When he is old, he experiences mental conflict, and ultimately dies a painful and regrettable death.

Q.6 What is meant by ‘a penknife in your heart’?

Ans. “A penknife in your heart” points to the suffering which an idle man has ultimately to go through. The poet says that regret and agony become the fate of the person who only talks and does not act.

Q.7 What is meant by “And when your heart begins to bleed”?

Ans. This line shows the unbearable pain an idle man has to go through. The bleeding of the heart points to spiritual deadness, and mental suffering. It indicates loss of grace and dignity in life.

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