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1st Year English Chapter 14 Overcoat Question Answers for Class 11


11th Class English Chapter 14 Overcoat Short Question Answer

This post contains Overcoat Question Answers and summary for FA, FSC Part 1. This short story is Chapter 14 in the textbook of Class 11. This story is written by Ghulam Abbas and revolves around the character of a young man. The young man was pretending to be a rich guy but in fact, he was not. The story is about the emotions that your financial conditions cannot stop you from enjoying yourself. I have already shared Questions and Answers of all short stories of FA, FSC Book 1, shot stories, which are available here. Also, you can go through all English Notes of Class 11.

Introduction Chapter 14 – Overcoat Summary for FA, FSC 1st Year

Enjoying one’s surroundings is a basic human instinct. Whether rich or poor, everyone tries his/her best to find means of enjoyment within his/her own capacity. To enjoy the time and the occasion, everyone tries to become a dandy after his/her own heart.

A poor young man, wants to enjoy a cold evening promenade. He comes to the Mall to enjoy the hustle and bustle there. He is wearing a seemingly neat old overcoat. Every Tonga Walla and taxi driver approaches him, but he turns them away with his small charming cane. He visits some music shops and carpet outlets. He was enjoying the gaiety of the Mall when, suddenly, he curiously starts following a young couple to listen to their talk and see their faces. The young couple crosses Mcload Road, but the unfortunate young man is run over by a truck. He is taken to a nearby hospital where two young nurses attend to him. They consider him to be rich, but when his clothes are removed, after his death, it is found that he is utterly poor. Only the overcoat is good whereas other clothes are in rags.

It can never stop you from enjoying yourself, however bad condition you are in.

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Overcoat Questions and Answers for FSC Part 1

Hereunder, I am sharing 8 Questions with Answers from the Overcoat Lesson 14 from Class 11 Textbook Exercise and 14 Question Answers from Kips English Notes

Q.1 What was the colour of the overcoat of the young man?

Ans. The colour of the overcoat of the young man was brown.

Q.2 What was the appearance of the young man?
What did the young man look like?

Ans. He seemed a well-groomed young man. His hair was sleek and shining and he wore side-burns. He had thin moustache. He wore a brown overcoat, and a green felt hat.

Q.3 Why did the people come out of the Mall?

Ans. It was the cold weather that induced people to come out on the Mall. They wanted to seek comfort in pleasure.

Q.4 What were the people wearing who came on the Mall?

Ans. Most of them were wearing overcoats which were of every kind from astrakhan to the rough military khaki that are found in large bundles in the second-hand clothes’ shops.

Q.5 Why was the cat shivering?

Ans. The cat was shivering because the weather was extremely cold.

Q.6 Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?

Ans. The driver of the truck speeded away after the accident because he had realized that something serious had happened. He was afraid of being caught.

Q.7 Who took the young man after the accident to the hospital?

Ans. Quite a crowd had gathered there in a short while. A traffic inspector on his motorbike stopped. A car was stopped. The young man was loaded into it and taken to the nearby hospital.

Q.8 What was playing in one of the restaurants?

Ans. An orchestra could be heard playing in one of the restaurants.

Overcoat Questions with Answers from English Kips Notes Exercise Class 11

Q.1 Give a list of the articles, which were found in the pockets of the young man’s overcoat?

Ans. A small black comb, a handkerchief, six annas and a few pies, a half-smoked cigarette, a little diary, a list of gramophone records, and a few handbills were the articles found in the pockets of the young man’s overcoat.

Q.2 What was the colour of the hat of the young man and how did he wear it?

Ans. On his head, the young man had a green felt hat which he wore at a rakish angle.

Q.3 What did the young man hold in his hand?

Ans. The young man held a short polished cane which every now and then he twirled jauntily.

Q.4 What was the condition of the weather that evening?

Ans. The weather was very cold with sharp icy gusts of wind. It induced people to come out of their hide-outs and join in the gaiety of the streets.

Q.5 How did the people amuse themselves on the Mall?

Ans. They amused themselves among the variety of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and snack bars according to their choice and means.

Q.6 What was the condition of the overcoat of the young man?

Ans. The overcoat the young man was wearing was old but well cut. Its material was of good quality. the lapels were stiff and the sleeves well creased. The buttons were of horn, big and shiny.

Q.7 Describe how the accident occurred.

Ans. While the young man was crossing the Mall, heading towards McLeod Road, a truck full of bricks came from behind. It crushed him down and speed off towards McLeod Road.

Q.8 How did the young man turn away the tonga-wallas and the taxi?

Ans. The young man turned away the tonga-wallas with a wave of his stick, and the taxi saying “No, thank youn”.

Q.9 Why did tonga-wallas race towards the young man?

Ans. The young man looked such a dandy that on catching sight of him tonga-wallas shipped up their horses and raced towards him.

Q.10 Why were the people walking briskly on the road?

Ans. It was mid-winter and the air was cold so the people were walking briskly to keep them warm.

Q.11 What was displayed on the table in the western music shop?

Ans. The records of the latest hit songs were attractively displayed on a large table in the Western music shop.

Q.12 How did the young man treat the cat?

Ans. The young man patted it on smoothed fur. He felt pity for the cat.

Q.13 How did the young man examine the Spanish guitar?

Ans. He examined it like an expert and read the price label attached to it.

Q.14 What is the moral lesson of the story?

Ans. The moral lesson of the story is that a man should be judged by the contents of his character and not by his appearance.

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