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1st Year English Chapter 7 Use of Force MCQs Notes


In this post, I am sharing, 1st Year English Book 1 Chapter 7 Use of Force MCQs with Answers for the students of Class 11. This is the 7th short story in the English book of FSC Part 1. I have already shared The Use of Force Short Questions for the students of Class 11. Now, I am sharing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers to this chapter. I have already shared 1st Year English Short Stories Notes.

Hereunder, you will see 2 portions of solved MCQs. The first 8 MCQs are from the exercise of this chapter and the 2nd portion of 20 solved multiple choice questions is based on additional MCQs. You should also visit 1st Year English Notes.

11th Class English Lesson 7 The Use of Force Solved MCQs from Exercise

1. Who is “I” in the story?

(A) the father
(B) the mother
(C) the doctor
(D) the sick child

2. The parents were nervous because__________.

(A) they did not want to tell the doctor anything.
(B) they did not know what to say.
(C) they wanted the doctor to tell them everything.
(D) the child did not tell anything.

3. The doctor was impressed __________.

(A) by the beauty of the child.
(B) by the patience of the child.
(C) by the patience of the parents.
(D) by the picture of the child, he had seen in Sunday’s paper.

4. The doctor took a “trial shot of it” means __________.

(A) he made a wild guess, to begin with.
(B) he gave her a shot (injection).
(C) he took parents to the task.
(D) he examined the girl carefully.

5. The doctor feared that the child might be suffering from diphtheria __________.

(A) from the appearance of the child.
(B) the parents told him so.
(C) from the examination of the child.
(D) he guessed because there had been such cases in the local school.

6. The child did not respond to the doctor’s instructions because __________.

(A) she was afraid of the doctor.
(B) she was a stubborn child.
(C) her parents had tried to open her mouth.
(D) she was angry.

7. The doctor ground his teeth in anger because__________.

(A) the child did not respond.
(B) the mother told the girl. “He would not hurt you”.
(C) the parents did not let him handle the child.
(D) the child had knocked his glasses.

8. The doctor had almost succeeded in opening the mouth of the girl but failed to see anything because __________.

(A) the child resisted strongly
(B) the parental love made the father release her at the last moment.
(C) the rough handling hurt the child
(D) the mother stopped him

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FSC Part 1 English Book 1 Chapter 7 The Use of Force Multiple Choice Questions from Kips Notes

Some additional “The Use of Force Solved MCQs” are also here for the students of Class 11. These MCQs belong to Kips Notes.

1. How did the mother of the sick girl look?

(A) excited
(B) contented
(C) relaxed
(D) startled

2. The parents kept the sick girl in the kitchen because it was __________ there.

(A) cold
(B) arm
(C) damp
(D) pleasant

3. How did the eyes of the sick girl look?

(A) ferocious
(B) bright and quizzical
(C) piercing
(D) cold and steady

4. How was the sick girl breathing?

(A) quietly
(B) rapidly
(C) violently
(D) slowly

5. What sort of hair did the sick girl have?

(A) blonde
(B) red
(C) black
(D) white

6. For how many days had the sick girl been ill?

(A) two
(B) four
(C) three
(D) five

7. What was the trial shot of the doctor? He thought she had __________.

(A) flue
(B) fever
(C) diphtheria
(D) malaria

 8. What disease had spread in the school where the sick girl went to?

(A) flue
(B) fever
(C) diphtheria
(D) malaria

9. The parents of the sick child were eyeing the doctor up and down__________.

(A) enviously
(B) hopefully
(C) distrustfully
(D) expectantly

10. The doctor approached the sick girl, speaking__________.

(A) loudly
(B) softly
(C) quietly and slowly
(D) harshly and unpleasantly

11. The parents were __________as the girl knocked the doctor’s glasses flying?

(A) nervous
(B) furious
(C) embarrassed
(D) stunned

12. The sick girl was shrieking__________.

(A) awkwardly
(B) hysterically
(C) quietly
(D) strangely

13. How many children had the doctor already seen died of diphtheria?

(A) two
(B)  three
(C) four
(D) five

14. What did the doctor discover finally about the sick girl?

(A) typhoid
(B) malaria
(C) fever
(D) diphtheria

15. The sick child had magnificent__________ hair, in profusion.

(A) blonde
(B) dark
(C) surly
(D) silky

16. In the final__________ assault. I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws.

(A) fierce
(B) professional
(C) reactionary
(D) unreasoning

17. She had been on the __________ before but now she attacked.

(A) wrong
(B) defensive
(C) apologetic
(D) hysterical

18. She tried to get off her father’s lap and fly at me while tears of defeat __________ her eyes.

(A) scratched
(B) exposed
(C) drowned
(D) blinded

19. I know how to expose a throat for__________.

(A) observation
(B) inspection
(C) cure
(D) exception

20. The parents kept the sick child in the kitchen because it was a bit __________ there.

(A) warm
(B) comfortable
(C) damp
(D) airy

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