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The Piece of String Questions and Answers for Class 11 – Lesson 5


11th Class English Chapter 5 The Piece of String Short Story Notes

This post contains The Piece of String Questions Answers and Summary for FSC part 1. This short story is Chapter 5 in the textbook of Class 11. The short story, the piece of string is about human behaviours and race. A simple farmer was accused of picking up a lost purse. He tried to prove his innocence but nobody believed him. Later on, somebody else returned the purse. The farmer took this to his heart and died. Below you will find the complete summary of The Piece of String short story along with questions and answers. If you need all English Notes for 1st year, you Visit This Link.

Summary of the Lesson

the writer has criticised the capitalistic nature of society, where the rich get support when needed while the poor suffer. Sometimes, we face bitter criticism for unknown misdeeds. Our common innocent habits can lead us to disastrous results. All this happens because of insensitive people all around us.

Hubert is an ordinary simple peasant. He has a seemingly harmless habit of picking up objects (things) from the ground. Once, in a feat, he is called for by the police chief and accused of picking up a purse. Being an innocent person, he takes this accusation to his heart. The purse is returned by someone else, but people keep on making fun of him. He takes it to his heart and dies. A heavy flood proves the innocence of Hubert by destroying the cruel people of the village and their belongings.

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11th English Lesson 5 The Piece of String Questions and Answers from Textbook Exercise

Q.1 Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket-book?

Ans. Manana had seen Hubert picking something up from the ground. It was, in fact, a piece of string but Manana mistook it for the lost pocket-book. He, therefore, accused Hubert of theft.

Q.2 What did people think of Hubert when they heard of the return of the pocket-book by some other person?

Ans. When people heard of the return of the pocket-book by some other person, they thought that Hubert had invented the story of a piece of string just to prove himself innocent. They called them lying excuses whatever reasons Hubert gave to them.

Q.3 Why did George give the pocket-book to the employer?

Ans. He gave the pocket-book to his employer because he did not know how to read.

Q.4 What made Hubert ashamed?

Ans. Hubert believed that nothing was so shameful as to be called a liar. People’s not believing his story of a piece of string made Hubert ashamed.

Q.5 Why did people make fun of his innocence?

Ans. People made fun of Hubert’s innocence by telling the story of the string to amuse themselves. They said that the story of the string was a lying excuse invented by Hubert just to hid his crime.

Q.6 Why did Hubert keep claiming his innocence before his death?

Ans. He kept claiming his innocence before his death because he wanted people to believe that he was not a liar. He thought that nothing was more shameful for him than to be called a liar.

1st Year English Chapter 5 Question Answers from Kips Notes

Q.1 Why did the mayor not believe the innocence of Mr. Hubert?

Ans. The mayor considered Mr. Manana, an honourable man. He thought that Mr. Manana could not take a string for a pocket-book. That’s why he did not believe Hubert’s innocence.

Q.2 Write some qualities of Hubert’s character.

Ans. He was a simple villager. He was a straightforward, innocent and sensitive man. He had a habit of picking anything that was of some use.

Q.3 Was it necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence?

Ans. It was not necessary for him to continue pleading his case. Repeated assurances made him guilty in the eyes of the people. He lost his respect instead of regaining it.

Q.4 What was the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert?

Ans. They were unfeeling and inconsiderate. They blindly began to call Hubert a Liar. They were mean natured and injured the feelings of an honest and sensitive person.

Q.5 What suggestions can you give to Hubert to save him from such a humiliating situation?

Ans. As a truthful person, he should have been courageous and bold enough to fight against the false allegations, instead of dying of shame and humiliation.

Q.6 What was the public announcement made by the drumbeater?

Ans. The announcement was about the loss of a black pocketbook, containing money and business papers, which was lost on the road to the village market.

Q.7 What was engraved on Hubert’s tombstone?

Ans. The words engraved on his tomb-stone were. “Here lies the man who told nothing but the truth. Here lies the man who would not prove his innocence but the flood proved it.”

Q.8 What did people say behind Hubert’s back?

Ans. Behind his back, people said that the story of the string was a lying excuse invented by Hubert to hide his crime.

Q.9 What is the moral lesson of the story?

Ans. A truthful person should be bold enough to face the circumstances instead of dying from shame and humiliation. We also learn that we should not play with the feelings and honour of others.

Q.10 What did the diners discuss?

Ans. The diners discussed the crops and the weather which was favourable for green things but not for wheat.

Q.11 Why had the people gathered at a great hall?

Ans. The people had gathered at a great hall for a great meal at the end of market day.

Q.12 What were the eatables there at the big hall?

Ans. There were chickens, pigeons and legs of mutton in the roast and an appetizing odour of roast beef.

Q.13 What increased the appetite of the people?

Ans. The sight of the leaf and gravy dripping over the browned skin increased the appetite of the people and made everybody’s mouth water.

Q.14 What request was made to the finder of the pocketbook?

Ans. The finder of the lost pocketbook was requested to return it to the mayor’s office or to Mr. James, the caretaker of the public hall.

Q.15 Who was the owner of the pocketbook?

Ans. Mr. James, the caretaker of the public hall, was the owner of the lost pocketbook.

Q.16 What reward was announced for the return of the lost pocketbook?

Ans. A reward of 20 shillings was announced for the finder of the lost pocketbook.

Q.17 Who saw Mr. Hubert pick up the lost pocket-book?

Ans. Mr. Manana, the harness man, saw him pick up the pocketbook.

Q.18 Who did Mr. Hubert try to prove his innocence?

Ans. He lifted his hand and spat at one side to attest his honour, saying that what he said was the truth of good God, the sacred truth.

Q.19 What did the Mayor finally do?

Ans. The mayor finally discharged Hubert with a warning that he would consult the public prosecutor for further orders.

Q.20 Why did Mr. Hubert fall ill?

Ans. He deeply felt the shame and disgrace to his self-esteem and character. He began to waste away day by and took to bed in a few days.

Q.21 Who returned the pocketbook to Mr. James?

Ans. A man named George returned the pocketbook and its contents to Mr. James, the caretaker of the public hall.

Q.22 Who was the innocence of Mr. Hubert proved?

Ans. It is said that a great flood carried away the people and their belongings. Only Mr. Hubert’s grave withstood its wrath.

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