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11th Class English Chapter 7 The Use of Force Synonyms MCQs


Are you looking for 1st-year english chapter 7 use of force MCQS for 11th class students? You are at the right place. I have already shared Short Questions of Short Story The Use of Force, which you can check at this link. This is the 7th Chapter in English Book 1 Class 11. From this ilmihub, you can easily get Notes of 1st Year English all chapters.

In this post, you will see a total of 23 Solved MCQs of The Use of Force Short Story. However, Class 11 English Book 1 all Short Stories Notes are available at this link.

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Class 11 English Lesson 7 The Use of Force Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions

1. When I arrived I was met by the mother, a big startled looking woman.

(A) devastated
(B) alarmed
(C) mangled
(D) embarrassed

2. He tried to get up but I motioned for him not to bother.

(A) gestured
(B) summoned
(C) approached
(D) compelled

3. Her face was flushed and she was breathing rapidly.

(A) red
(B) white
(C) radiant
(D) pale

4. “Aw, come on,” I coaxed. “Just open your mouth wide and let me take a look.”

(A) persuaded
(B) rebuked
(C) mused
(D) approached

5. With one catlike movement both her hands clawed instinctively for my eyes.

(A) numbly
(B) violently
(C) miraculously
(D) impulsively

6. The parents almost turned themselves inside out in embarrassment and apology.

(A) contempt
(B) incredulity
(C) shame
(D) repression

7. “If you don’t do what the doctor says you’ll have to go to the hospital,” the mother admonished her severely.

(A) reproached
(B) stoked
(C) coaxed
(D) fondled

8. Then she shrieked terrifyingly, hysterically.

(A) widely
(B) numbly
(C) instinctively
(D) impulsively

9. She fought, with clenched teeth.

(A) guarded
(B) brushed
(C) clasped
(D) drenched

10. Perhaps I should have desisted and come back in an hour or more.

(A) insisted
(B) consented
(C) discontinued
(D) proceeded

11. I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it.

(A) dismay
(B) apology
(C) embarrassment
(D) anger

12. I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged.

(A) desisted
(B) exasperated
(C) felt defeated
(D) felt nauseated

13. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret.

(A) heroically
(B) violently
(C) devilishly
(D) eccentrically

14. She and been hiding that sore throat for three days at least.

(A) hoarse
(B) feeble
(C) clenched
(D) aching

15. I could see that they were all very nervous, eyeing me up and down distrustfully.

(A) quickly
(B) briskly
(C) doubtfully
(D) sluggishly

16. The child was fairly eating me up with her cold steady eyes.

(A) frightening me
(B) inquiring of me
(C) staring at me
(D) making faces at me

17. “For heaven’s sake,” I broke in. “Don’t call me a nice man to her.”

(A) cried
(B) interrupted
(C) shuddered
(D) mused

18. As doctors often do, I took a trial shot at it as a point of departure.

(A) assessment
(B) took a decision
(C) made a guess
(D) used force

19. At that I ground my teeth in disgust.

(A) outrage
(B) disturbance
(C) haste
(D) distrust

20. She reduced it to splinters before I could get it out again.

(A) spatula
(B) bits
(C) inches
(D) tools

21. She was screaming in wild hysterical shrieks.

(A) cries
(B) laughter
(C) expressions
(D) jerks

22. In the final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child’s neck.

(A) defence
(B) attack
(C) fury
(D) attempt

23. The final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child’s neck.

(A) charged
(B) held
(C) titled
(D) squeezed

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