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1st Year English Chapter 5 The Piece of String MCQs


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Chapter 5 The Piece of String MCQs for the students of Class 11. The short story is writen by Guy De Maupassant. This is the 5th Short Story in the English Book of Class 11. Students can get all short stories notes by going here. However, I have shared Complete English Notes for 1st Year. If you need, 1st Year PDF books, then visit this page.

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11th English Chapter 5 The Piece of String MCQs Notes from Textbook Exercise

Here are some solved multiple choice questions from the short story The Piece of String taken from the Textbook Exercise. There are 4 possible answers under each post. Click the yellow button to see the correct answer.

The rich people gathered in a big hall.

(A) to watch a show
(B) to hear a lecture
(C) for a discussion
(D) for a great meal


What was the public announcement made by the drumbeater?

(A) loss of black leather pocketbook containing money and business papers
(B) open invitation for dinner
(C) to enjoy a concert
(D) the sale of a building


Mr. Hubert was surprised and disturbed when the police officer asked him to accompany him to ______.

(A) the police station
(B) the court
(C) the mayor’s office
(D) the airport


“By my word of honour I never heard of it” means ______.

(A) that he never saw it
(B) being an honourable man he didn’t pick up the lost object
(C) an honourable person never thought of picking up a lost object
(D) he never heard of the lost object


What did Hubert say in the most exasperating tone?

(A) He never stole the pocketbook.
(B) He picked up a piece of string
(C) It is, nevertheless, the truth of good God, the sacred truth.
(D) “O, him! Yes! He saw me pick up this string here.”


What were the feelings of Hubert when he was informed of the recovery of the lost object? He felt ______.

(A) disgusted
(B) indifferent
(C) triumphed
(D) concerned


“But he only met with incredulity” means that he was believed ______.

(A) telling the truth
(B) showing his faith
(C) lying
(D) gentleman


What did the people say behind his back?

(A) Those are lame excuses
(B) He is unreliable
(C) He is innocent
(D) A man of loose character


What did Hubert feel?

(A) a grace of personality
(B) shame and disgrace to his self-esteem and character
(C) truthful
(D) trustworthy


What were the last words Hubert uttered before his death?

(A) “A piece of string! A piece of string! By my word of honour I did not lie.”
(B) “I am innocent.”
(C) I picked up the pocketbook.
(D) I handed over the pocketbook to its owner.


1st Year English Lesson 5 Additional MCQs with Answers – Kips Exercise

Here are 16 Additional MCQs from the short story The Piece of String from Kips Notes. You should practice these objective type questions too along with MCQs from the textbook Exercise.

Who was the owner of the pocketbook?

(A) Mr. Manana
(B) Mr. James
(C) The mayor
(D) Mr. George


Who was Mr. James?

(A) the caretaker of the public hall
(B) a factory worker
(C) they mayor
(D) a shopkeeper


How much reward was announced for the finder of the pocketbook?

(A) 10 shillings
(B) 20 shillings
(C) 15 shillings
(D) 25 shillings


When did the chief of the police appear?

(A) when the drumbeat ceased
(B) when the meal started
(C) early in the morning
(D) after the meal had concluded


Why was it useless for Mr. Hubert to keep protesting?

(A) He was lying
(B) He was a rascal
(C) People did not believe him
(D) He was a cheater


When did Mr. Hubert die?

(A) In the last week of the following month
(B) in April
(C) In the first week of the following month
(D) in May


The diners discussed the crops and the ______ which was not favourable for wheat.

(A) weather
(B) season
(C) climate
(D) air


At the end of market day, the rich people gathered at a ______ for a great meal.

(A) great field
(B) great ceremony
(C) great big hall
(D) great fair


______ withstood the havocs of the flood.

(A) The mayor
(B) the village
(C) Mr. Hubert’s family
(D) Mr. Hubert’s grave


According to Hubert, there was nothing more shameful than to be call ______.

(A) a rascal
(B) a liar
(C) a cunning fellow
(D) a swindler


I repeat it on my soul and my ______.

(A) respect
(B) body
(C) salvation
(D) spirit


Mr. Hubert, the old man, remembered, understood and ______ with anger.

(A) flushed
(B) glittered
(C) growled
(D) calmed


In the ______ of his death struggles, Hubert kept claiming his innocence.

(A) pains
(B) moment
(C) delirium
(D) calm


The police officer took Mr. Hubert to ______.

(A) the public hall
(B) the mayor’s office
(C) the police station
(D) the market place


The mayor was a stout, ______man.

(A) harsh
(B) soft-spoken
(C) serious
(D) domineering


Mr. Hubert was surprised when the police officer asked him to accompany him to ______.

(A) the police station
(B) the mayor’s office
(C) the court
(D) the airport


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