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The Foolish Quack Questions and Answers for Class 11 – Lesson 9


11th Class English Chapter 9 The Foolish Quack Short Questions and Answers

This post contains, The Foolish Quack Questions and Answers for FA, FSC 1st Year Students. This short story is a folk tale and chapter 9 in the textbook of Class 11. This short story is about a funny character who feels that he is a doctor. You can also go through the English Notes of other short stories. However, I have shared complete English Notes for FSC Part 1.

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Introduction – The Foolish Quack Summary for FSC 1st Year

Conceit and deception are as old as man himself. Sometimes, we claim to be something that actually we are not. The consequences of such claims are disastrous not only for other people but also for ourselves.

A simple villager happens to see another man treating the swollen throat of his camel with a heavy stick. One heavy blow of the stick cures the camel and the camel becomes normal. In reality, there is a melon in the throat, which is broken with the blow but it is not known to the simple villager. He mistakes the swollen throat of the camel for goiter. He starts claiming that he can cure goiter. He treats an old woman like the camel, but instead or recovering, the woman dies. The quack has to dig her grave and gets a good beating. He goes back to the camel men and calls them fools. One of them shows him the difference between the cure of a camel and that of a human being. He hits the quack with a heavy stick, felling him unconscious. This teaches a lesson to him that what is good for camel, is not good for hum

The Foolish Quack Question Answers for FA, FSC Part 1

Q.1 What is a clump of trees?

Ans. It is a group of trees growing very close together.

Q.2 What was stuck in the camel’s throat?
What happened to the camel that wet into the melon field?

Ans. A melon stuck in the camel’s throat while the animal was eating melons in a melon field.

Q.3 What did the quack pretend to cure?

Ans. The quack pretended to cure goitre. He had actually seen a camel-man treat his camel in whose throat a melon had got stuck. The quack now thought that he could also cure the swelling of the throat.

Q.4 What did the quack do with the old man?

Ans. The quack asked for a blanket and a good-sized mallet. He then tied up the old woman’s throat which was swollen to a frightful size and struck it with so much force that the poor old creature instantly died.

Q.5 What was the result of the cure?

Ans. The quack killed the woman while trying to cure her disease. The old woman was suffering from goiter and the quack struck her swollen throat with a good-sized mallet and the woman instantly died.

Q.6 What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?

Ans. The villagers caught the quack and compelled him to dig the old woman’s grave.

Q.7 For whom did the quack dig the grave?

Ans. The quack dug the grave for the old woman whom he had killed while trying to cure her goitre.

Q.8 What did the quack do in the next village?

Ans. Uninfluenced by the severity of his punishment, the quack went to the next village and again pretended to be a great doctor. But now he added that he would not dig the grave of the patient if he were killed during the treatment.

Q.9 Why didn’t the villagers let the old man be cured?

Ans. The villagers considered it a strange thing that the quack was talking of digging the patient’s grave before he began his treatment. So, they did not let the old man be cured.

Q.10 Why did the quack come back to the camel-men?

Ans. The quack came back to the camel-men to tell them that they had not shown him the right way to cure goitre. He wanted to seek their advice.

Questions and Answers of Chapter 9 English of FSC 1st Year from Kips Exercise.

Q.1 How did the camel man treat the camel?

Ans. The camel-man tied a blanket around the camel’s throat and then struck it with great force. Instantly the melon was broken in the throat of the camel and it was easily swallowed.

Q.2 What happened when the owner of the camel struck its throat?

Ans. When the owner of the camel struck its throat, the melon broke in the throat of the camel and it was easily swallowed.

Q.3 What did the old woman say to the quack?

Ans. The old woman said that if he cured her goiter she would bless him evermore.

Q.4 Why did the quick make slow progress in digging the grave?

Ans. The quack made slow progress in digging the grave as the ground was stiff and hard.

Q.5 Why did the quack call the camel-men stupid?

Ans. The quack called the camel-men stupid because according to him they had not taught him the right way to cure goiter.

Q.6 What did the quack tell the camel-men about his treatment of the old woman?

Ans. The quack told the camel-men that he had treated her in the way they had treated the camel but instead of getting well, the old woman died.

Q.7 What happened to the quack when the camel-man struck him with a stick?

Ans. The quack fell on the ground like a log after receiving a blow of the heavy stick.

Q.8 What did the quack say when he came to his senses?

Ans. When the quack came to his senses, he asked the camel man why he was giving him such cruel treatment.

Q.9 What lesson did the camel men teach the quack?

Ans. The camel-men taught him the lesson that what is good for camels is not good for poor old human beings.

Q.10 What did the villagers do to make the quack dig the grave fast?

Ans. The villagers threatened that if he did not dig the grave they would take him to the king and there he would be hanged.

Q.11 What do you learn from the story?

Ans. The story teaches us that insufficient knowledge is always dangerous.

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