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The Use of Force Questions and Answers for Class 11 – Lesson 7


11th Class English Chapter 7 The Use of Force Short Question Answers and Summary

This post contains The Use of Force Answers Questions and Answers and Summary for Class 11 students. This story is Chapter 7 in FA / FSC 1st year textbook. The story is about a doctor and a sick child. The outcome of the story is that we should use force only in an optimistic way. I have already shared the notes of all short stories for FSC Part 1 students. Also, I have shared complete English Notes for students who want to prepare quality material for their exams.

The Use of Force Summary for FSC Part 1 Students

The use of force is generally considered to have a bad impact. But if force is used for the constructive purpose, it will be hailed by everyone except the one being forced.

It is general child psychology to hide ailments from parents to escape medical examination. In this story, the doctor has used force to examine a child’s sore throat for her own protection. She resists with her full might but fails from keeping the doctor knowing the cause of her disease. She screams and yells madly. But as it happens, she loses and the doctor wins in knowing the real cause of her disease.

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The Use of Force Questions and Answers – FA / FSC 1st Year English Notes

Hereunder you will find 10 solved questions from the textbook and 12 questions and answers of this short story from Kips Exercise.

Q.1 What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?

Ans. The parents were very nervous when the doctor arrived. Their daughter was very ill and they wanted the doctor to tell them what the matter was with her.

Q.2 Why did the parents keep the sick child in the kitchen?

Ans. It was very damp there sometimes, which was not good for the health of the child. So, the parents kept the sick child in the kitchen where it was warm.

Q.3 What was the behaviour of the child with the doctor?

Ans. She behaved very badly towards the doctor. She defied all his instruction and compelled him to use force to have a look at her throat.

Q.4 Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?

Ans. The doctor called the sick child by her first name in order to be friendly with her. He wanted her to cooperate with him and not to be afraid of him.

Q.5 Did the sick girl promptly respond to the instructions of the doctor?

Ans. She defied all his instructions and behaved very badly. She attacked the doctor with both her hands, trying to scratch his face. She knocked his glasses flying and they fell several feet away from him on the kitchen floor.

Q.6 Why did the parents rebuke her?

Ans. The parents rebuked the child because she had behaved very badly towards the doctor. She had attacked him, trying to scratch his face, and had actually knocked his glasses flying.

Q.7 What was the threat of the doctor to the child for not showing her throat?

Ans. The doctor said that he would have to use force if she didn’t open her mouth herself. He wanted to look at her throat on the chance that she might have diphtheria and possibly die of it.

Q.8 Why did she break the wooden blade?

Ans. The child had a sore throat and it hurts her terribly when the doctor got the spatula behind her teeth. She, therefore, broke the tongue depressor as a protest.

Q.9 What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?

Ans. Both the tonsils of the child were covered with a membrane. She had been hiding her sore throat and lying to her parents for three days at least in order to keep them from knowing her secret.

Q.10 How did the doctor succeed in examining her throat?

Ans. The doctor overpowered the child’s neck and jaws, as a final resort, and forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged.

Short Questions and Answers Exercise of “The Use of Force” Short Story from Kips Notes

Q.1 Describe the appearance of the child.

Ans. She was an unusually attractive girl thing, and was as strong as a heifer in appearance.

Q.2 Describe the feelings of the doctor as he struggled to diagnose the disease.

Ans. The doctor angrily told the parents not to call him a nice man because her mother was calling him so. He had to use force to check her throat.

Q.3 Under what circumstances can the use of force be justified?

Ans. The use of force can be justified when the patient’s life is in danger and he does not cooperate.

Q.4 What did the mother of the sick child look like?

Ans. The mother of the child was a big startled looking woman, very clean and apologetic.

Q.5 What disease had spread in the school to which the girl went?

Ans. Diphtheria had spread in the school to which the child went. Many children had been attacked by the disease.

Q.6 How did the doctor coax the sick girl into showing her throat?

Ans. The doctor coaxed her by calling her by her first name. He even showed his empty hands to assure her that he would not harm her.

Q.7 Why did the doctor grind his teeth?

Ans. The doctor ground his teeth in disgust when the child’s mother told the child that the doctor was a nice man and would not hurt her.

Q.8 What happened when the doctor moved his chair and tried to be a little nearer to the girl?

Ans. As the doctor moved his chair a little near, the girl tried to scratch his eyes. She knocked his glasses, which fell several feet away from him on the kitchen floor.

Q.9 What was the reaction of the parents as the girl knocked the doctor’s glass flying?

Ans. The child’s parents almost turned themselves inside out in embarrassment and apology. The mother chided her severely, taking her and shaking her by one arm.

Q.10 Why did the doctor not give up the struggle to look at the child’s throat?

Ans. The doctor did not give up the struggle because for the protection of the child, It was necessary to have a throat culture.

Q.11 What did the girl try to do when the doctor finally succeeded in looking at her throat?

Ans. The girl was furious. She tried to get off her father’s lap and fly at the doctor.

Q.12 What did the child’s father tell the doctor about the child’s illness?

Ans. He told the doctor that the child had a fever for three days and that they did not know the cause of the fever. There had been a lot of sicknesses around. So, he requested the doctor to examine her to see what the matter was with her.

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