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1st Year English Chapter 2 Clearing in the Sky Translation in Urdu PDF


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English Book 1 Chapter 2 Clearing in the Sky Translation in Urdu PDF Notes for Class 11. This short story is Lesson 2 in FSC Part 1 English Book 1. I have already shared the Intermediate Part 1 English Book 1 PDF. However, nowadays I am trying to share complete notes of all short stories. For 1st Year All Subjects Notes Punjab Board, you should go here.

Clearing in the Sky Urdu Translation in Urdu for Class 11 Students

Clearing in the Sky Lesson 2 in English Book 1 revolves around 2 characters, the writer and his father. This short story has been written by Jesse Stewart. The short story is about the willpower of man. The author’s father is an old man and the doctors told him in his past to do not to work hard. But he instead of listening to doctors started slowly and steadily in a garden to remain healthy and fit. He did everything which a healthy person can do and finally brought the author with him to show his work. You should also visit the 1st Year English Applications Notes PDF.

If you are searching for 1st Year English Book 1 Lesson 2 Clearing in the Sky translation into Urdu notes PDF, you are at the right place. Hereunder you can see the online preview of this chapter and also can download PDF. If you do not want to download the PDF file you can read it online. keep visiting Ilmihub for quality notes of all subjects Punjab Board.

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