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The Reward Questions and Answers – Chapter 6 1st Year English Notes

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11th Class English Chapter 6 The Reward Short Question Answers

This post contains The Reward questions and answers for the students of FA / FSC Part 1. This story is Chapter 6 in the Class 11 textbook.  “The Reward” is a story written by Lord Dunsany and it’s about a debate between people. The debate was about opportunity and determination. Some said the opportunity was required for success, and millions never had it. On the other hand, some said that only determination was needed. There are two main characters in the story, Jorkens and Terbut. When Terbut was opposing the point of view of Jorkens, he told the story of an athlete, Gorgios. The story was about the struggle of Gorgios about how he became a Court acrobat (gymnast) with his strong willpower and determination.

I am sharing this material here for the students of the 11th class. They can also go through all 1st year English Short Stories Notes to get prepare for exams. However, if any of you need all 1st year English Notes, you can visit this link.

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The Reward Questions and Answers for FA/FSC Part 1

Hereunder you will find 08 questions and answers of the short story “The Reward” from the textbook and 15 Solved questions from Kips Exercise.

Q.1 What was the subject discussed at the Club?

Ans. The subject discussed at the club was whether the opportunity was required for success or determination, or both were important in life.

Q.2 What did Terbut think of Jorkens’ argument?

Ans. Jorkens said that if a man is determined to get something and if he stuck to it long enough, he would get it. Terbut, however, disagreed with him.

Q.3 How did Jorkens convince that a man can become the skating champion of the Sahara?

Ans. Jorkens said that if a man wanted to be skating champion of the Sahara, he would make money to build a skating-rink in the Sahara and organize a competition there.

Q.4 How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?

Ans. Gorgios persuaded his people to make his country strong by creating a post of Court acrobat. He said a young athlete at Court, exhibiting perfect physical fitness, would help their soldiers defend the just rights of the nation.

Q.5 What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Ans. The parents of Gorgios believed that both opportunity and determination were required for success in life. Gorgios learned but very late in his life that his parents were right after all.

Q.6 what were the arrangements made for the function of the inauguration?

Ans. The great throne-room had been turned into a kind of gymnasium. Great curtains of red and gold were hung along the walls. A row of neat hurdle was arranged on the polished floor. Lights glittered and a band played softly.

Q.7 Describe the scene of the inauguration. Write five sentences.

Ans. The doors opened with a flood of golden light, and the old man appeared in his brilliant uniform. He came slowly to the hurdles, paused and looked up for a moment. A gentle applause broke out from every hand and the old man moved ahead. Once he raised a hand to touch the lowest of the swings, but again the applause broke out, assuring him that no actual activity was expected of him.

Q.8 What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion?

Ans. He had a sad expression on his face that showed his inner feelings. He had achieved his ambition but lost the golden days of life in achieving it.

Q.9 Did Gorgios use any shortcut to achieve his ambition?

Ans. He did not use any shortcuts to achieve his ambition. He went into politics and preached his ambition openly. Thus he struggled for more than sixty years to achieve his ambition.

Q.10 For how long had Gorgios to stick to his ambition?

Ans. Gorgios had to struggle for more than sixty years to get his most extraordinary ambition achieved.

The Reward Solved Questions and Answers from Kips Notes for FSC 1st Year

Q.1 What were Jorkens’ political views?

Ans. According to him, even a common man could create new openings for him. He should have speaking power and knowledge to deliver speeches on various subjects. If he is determined and convincing, he can achieve his goal.

Q.2 How did Gorgios achieve his ambition?

Ans. He had to work hard for sixty years. He went into politics, made speeches, earned repute, persuaded the people, got the post of Court acrobat created and was selected Court acrobat.

Q.3 Do you agree or disagree with the viewpoint of the writer? Give reasons.

Ans. I disagree with the writer who believes that only determination is needed for success. In my opinion, determination and opportunity are correlated and both are needed for success in life.

Q.4 Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?

Ans. The old man’s uniform was so brilliant and shining that all the other dresses worn by ladies and officers were put in the shade.

Q.5 What is the moral lesson of the story “The Reward”?

Ans. It teaches us that a determined man who sticks to a goal and continues working hard, at last, succeeds in achieving his ambition.

Q.6 What sort of competitions did Gorgios win at the age of sixteen?
What were the achievements of Gorgios at school?

Ans. At the age of sixteen, he had won the high jump, the hurdles and a hundred-yard race.

Q.7 What is Jorkens’ view of life and people?

Ans. According to him, life is like a race in which people tire after a while and sit down or get interested in something else. The man who keeps on wins the race.

Q.8 What was peoples’ opinion about opportunity and determination?

Ans. The views of the people were divided. Some said the opportunity was required to succeed, and millions never had it, while others said that only determination was needed.

Q.9 What does determination mean?

Ans. Determination means a strong will, firmness of purpose or intention.

Q.10 How old was young Gorgios when he came by his wild idea of becoming a Court Acrobat?

Ans. Gorgios was about sixteen years old when he came by his wild idea of becoming a Court Acrobat.

Q.11 Why did Gorgios go into politics?

Ans. Gorgios went into politics so that he could win public opinion in favour of his idea of creating the post of Court acrobat.

Q.12 Where were the members of the royal house seated?

Ans. The members of the Royal House were seated along a raised platform at one end of the great throne room.

Q.13 Where were the principal officers standing?

Ans. The principal officers were standing beside and behind the members of the Royal family.

Q.14 How did the uniform of Gorgios look?

Ans. It was very magnificent clothing, a tight-fitting suit of red velvet, all gay with gold buttons and a gold lace that wound and twisted about it.

Q.15 Why did Jorkens sigh at the end of the story?

Ans. Jorkens uttered a quiet sigh, so clearly mourning over some lost ambition that he himself had given up. He regretted that he was also one of those people who cannot stick to their ambition for a long time.

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