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The Gift of The Magi Questions and Answers for Class 11 – Lesson 12


11th Class English Chapter 12 The Gift of the Magi Short Questions and Answers

This post contains The Gift of the Magi Questions and Answers for FA, FSC Part 1 students. This short story is Chapter 12 in the textbook of Class 11. O. Henry is the writer of this short story. The story is about the love and emotions of husband and wife for each other about how they sacrifice their valuables for each other. I have shared the Introduction (Summary) of this story along with questions and answers for 1st Year Students. You can find notes of other short stories of 1st year by going here. I have also shared all English Notes for Class 11.

Introduction – The Gift of the Magi Summary for 1st Year

The writer has reminded us of a great custom of giving and receiving gifts which promotes social harmony, mutual trust and feelings of sacrifice among the members of our society. This habit also lends strength to human relationships.

Dalla and Jim are poor husband and wife, living from hand to mouth. They have two valuables: Della’s long hair and Jim’s gold watch. It is Christmas, and both of them want to give gifts to each other. But the only hitch is lack of money. So, both of them sell their valuables and buy gifts. Della buys a chain for Jim’s watch and Jim buys combs for Della’s hair. The gifts become useless as the watch and hair both are sold for buying the gifts. But it has given them a chance to express their true love for each other which strengthens their mutual trust and their bond of love. We also learn a valuable lesson to sacrifice our dearest things for our dear ones.

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The Gift of the Magi Question Answers for FSC part 1

Hereunder are 10 Question Answers of The Gift of the Magi from FSC, part 1 Textbook Exercise and 12 questions with answers from Kips Notes Exercise.

Q.1 How much did Della save for Christmas?

Ans. She saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents for Christmas.

Q.2 Why did she take pride in the beauty of her hair?

Ans. She felt proud of the beauty of her hair because her long, brown hair reached her knee. It almost made itself into a dress for her. Della knew her hair was more beautiful than any queen’s jewels and gifts.

Q.3 Why did she sell her hair?

Ans. She did not have enough money to buy a Christmas gift for Jim. She sold her hair for twenty dollars.

Q.4 Why did Jim sell the gold watch?

Ans. Jim sold her gold watch to get money to buy a Christmas gift for Della

Q.5 Why did they want to present each other gifts?

Ans. They loved and respected each other, so they could not celebrate Christmas without presenting gifts to each other.

Q.6 Why did she feel sad about losing her hair?

Ans. She felt sad about losing her hair because she valued her hair more than anything else. She was afraid that Jim might not find her attractive with her short hair.

Q.7 Why did not Jim welcome her when he stepped in?

Ans. Jim didn’t welcome her when he stepped in because he had bought Dell’s favourite combs. But she had sold her hair.

Q.8 What did he bring out of his coat?

Ans. Jim brought out of his coat pocket beautiful combs with jewels. He had brought these combs as a Christmas gift for Della.

Q.9 How beautiful was the gold watch chain?

Ans. It was very simply made. Its value was in its rich and pure material. Della thought it was perfect for Jim’s gold watch chain. It had quietness and value.

Q.10 What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?
Why did Jim and Della sell their most valuable things?
What is the theme of the story ” The Gift of the Magi”?

Ans. Love dominates everything. It has its own value which is priceless and unmatchable. Love has its wisdom in sacrifice. It guides like a star that shines through the darkness. So Jim and Della sacrificed their most valuable things to present gifts to each other.

O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi Questions and Answers Exercise from English Class 11 Kips Notes

Q.1 What is the significance of the title “The gift of the Magi”?

Ans. The Magi were the three wise men who brought gifts to the new-born Christ-child. In the story, Della and Jim gave valuable gifts to each other following the true spirit of the Magi. So the title is quite appropriate and significant.

Q.2 What according to Della were the two things common to Jim and the gold watch chain?

Ans. In Della’s view, quietness and value were the two things common to Jim and the gold watch chain.

Q.3 What were Della’s feelings when she returned home after selling her hair?

Ans. Her mind quietened a little. She began to think more reasonable. She started to try to cover the sad marks of what she had done.

Q.4 How did Della look with her short hair?

Ans. She looked wonderfully like a schoolboy. She also thought that Jim would think that she looked like a girl who works for money.

Q.5 What did Jim do after seeing Della with short hair?

Ans. He was deeply shocked to see Della’s short hair because he had bought combs for her long hair. He was a quiet as a hunting dog when it is near a bird.

Q.6 What gift did Jim bring for Della?

Ans. He brought beautiful combs embellished with jewels. They were perfect for Della’s beautiful hair. She had long desired to buy them.

Q.7 How did Della save eighty-seven cents?

Ans. She saved this amount in her careful buying of meat and other food.

Q.8 How many times did Della count her savings?

Ans. She counted her savings three times.

Q.9 What were the James Dillingham Youngs proud of?

Ans. They were proud of two things which they owned. One was Jim’s gold watch and the other thing was Della’s beautiful hair.

Q.10 Where did Ella go to sell her hair?

Ans. She sold her hair to Mrs. Sofronie who dealt in hair articles of all kinds.

Q.11 Who was Mrs. Sofronie?

Ans. Mrs. Sofronie dealt in hair articles of all kinds.

Q.12 How much did Della pay for the gold watch chain?

Ans. Della paid twenty-one dollars for the gold watch chain.

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