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Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed Questions and Answers for Class 11


11th Class English Chapter 3 Dark They Were And Golden Eyed Short Story Question Answers – 1st Year English Notes

This post contains, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed Questions Answers and summary for the Students of FSC, part 1. This short story is Chapter 3 in the textbook of Class 11. The story is imaginary and based on science fiction in which some people from the earth go to Mars to survive a Nuclear war. But the climate of the earth changes them and they become Martians to stay on mars forever. When the people from earth reach there, they do not recognize them because their skin colour and eye colour was changed. You will see only short questions and answers of this short story here. If you need more English notes of 1st Year, you should visit Class 11 English Notes.

Summary of Short Story, Dark They Were, and Gold Eyed for the Students of Class 11

Introduction: Our world is a world of possibilities. Every other day, scientific inventions are being made. The technology and power of countries are creating a situation that is taking us close to nuclear war. A similar situation has been depicted in this science fiction.

Some earthly people go to Mars to save themselves from imminent nuclear war. But the climate of Mars is different from that of the Earth.  Once, Mr. Bittering wants to go back to the Earth right after his arrival. But his wife, Cora, and children do not want to go. During the stay of five years, the people of the Earth change. They become dark and their eyes become golden. People come from the Earth to rescue them, but they have become Martians to stay on Mars forever. The science of nature has defeated the science of man.

FSC 1st Part, Chapter 3 Notes – Dark They Were and Golden Eyed Short Questions and Answers from Textbook

Hereunder are the solved questions from the textbook:-

Q.1 Whey did Harry want to go back to Earth?

Ans. Harry wanted to go back to Earth because it seemed to him that the Martian climate would dissolve his intellect and burn away his past. He thought Mars was a destructive place for Earth people, and it would change them altogether.

Q.2 Why did Harry want to stay on Mars?

Ans. He wanted to stay and wait, keeping things going on until the war ended on the earth and the rockets came again.

Q.3 What was the climate the earth people faced on Mars?

Ans. The climate they faced on Mars was simply destructive. Summer burned the canals dry. The painted houses flaked and peeled.

Q.4 What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news of war on Earth?

Ans. They were stranded on Mars now forever because all the space rockets on the earth had blown up. Laura wept. The mother held onto her husband and daughter. Harry was drenched in the hotness of his fear.

Q.5 What did the members of the Bittering family want to grow on Mars?

Ans. They wanted to grow crops and raise children, and wait till the war on the earth ended and the rockets came again.

Q.6 What was the condition of Harry’s house?

Ans. The wind had badly damaged it. The air had burned it. The boards were warped out of shape. It no more looked like an Earthman’s house.

Q.7 What was the advice Harry gave to the people?

Ans. He advised them to build a rocket and go back to EArth. He said there was something in the air – a Martian virus that would change them altogether.

Q.8 How dangerous can a Martian virus be?

Ans. A Martian virus can change the earth people’s physique and colour. It can flake away their identities, dissolve their intellect and burn away their past.

Chapter 3 Questions Answer from Kips Exercise

Q.1 Who came out of the rocket?

Ans. A man, a woman, and three children besides other passengers came out of the rocket.

Q.2 How did Harry Bittering feel when he landed on Mars?

Ans. He felt his hair flutter and the tissues of his body draw tight as if he were standing at the centre of a vacuum.

Q.3 What was the impact of the blowing wind on Harry Bittering?

Ans. He felt as if the wind would flake away their identities and at any moment Martian air might draw their souls.

Q.4 What did the Martian hills and cities look like?

Ans. The hills looked as if time had worn them with the crushing pressure of years, and the cities seemed to be lost in the meadows, lying like children’s delicate bones.

Q.5 How did the Bitterings come to know about the war on Earth?

Ans. A radio flash informed them about the war on Earth.

Q.6 What were the men doing when Harry reached the town?

Ans. They were sitting on the shadowy steps of a grocery store with their hands on their knees. They were talking with great leisure and case.

Q. 7 What was Harry’s reaction on seeing the men sitting idly on the steps of a grocery store?

Ans. He wanted to fire a pistol in the air because he thought that the people were least bothered about their being stuck up on Mars. They were also unaware of the changes that were taking place in them.

Q.8 Why did Harry want to make a rocket?

Ans. He wanted to make a rocket to go back to Earth because he believed that if they stayed on mars, they would change physically and mentally.

Q.9 What were the activities of the Bittering children?

Ans. The daughter wove tapestries and the sons played songs on ancient flutes and pipes. their laughter echoed in the marble villa.

Q.10 Where did the captain establish his headquarters?

Ans. The captain established his headquarters in an abandoned bar.

Q.11 What did the Lieutenant report to the captain?

Ans. The lieutenant reported that the Earth settlement was empty and that he had seen native people in the Martian ruins.

Q.12 What did the rocket men find on Mars?

Ans. They found empty town cottages, silent theaters, peach trees, and a flimsy rocket frame. They also found native life in the hills.

Q.13 Why did the other men not want to go back to earth?

Ans. They did not want to go back because they were afraid of the war. They feared atom bombs. They know that the earth was only trouble now.

Q.14 What did the summer do to the Earth settlement?

Ans. Summer dried up everything. In the empty Earth settlement, even the paint of the houses started to flake off and peel.

Q.15 What physical changes occurred in Harry?

Ans. He became dark and golden eyed, and he looked taller and thinner.

Q.16 What news did Laura break?

Ans. She broke the news of war on earth. She told that atom bombs had hit New York and all the space rockets were blown up.

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