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God Be Praised – 1st Year English Chapter 13 Question Answers


11th Class English Chapter 13 God Be Praised Short Questions and Answers

This post contains God Be Praised Question Answers and Summary for FA, FSC Part 1 Students. This short story is Chapter 13 in the textbook of Class 11. The story is written by  Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, which revolves around a character, Moulvi Abul Barkat. He has explained the financial condition and role of Imam Masjid. I am sharing the summary and Question Answers of Lesson 13. All Short Stories Notes have already been shared on ilmihub. However, I have also shared all English Book 1 Notes for FSC 1st Year students.

Introduction – God Be Praised Short Story Summary for FA, FSC 1st Year

Our life on earth is a trial for us. We go through many tribulations in our lives. We can get through these trials and tribulations with patience and unflinching faith in Allah Almighty.

Maulvi Abul is a poor person with a number of children to take care of. When his eldest daughter grows young, his tensions also grow. Most of the time, he is lost in worries about the suitable marriage of his daughter. He has a little saving which is not enough. This social picture depicts that our Imam Masjid is low paid. Chaudhry Fateh Dad helps Maulvi Abul in finding a suitable match for his daughter. Shamim Ahmad Marries his daughter with great pomp. Then Moulvi turns his attention to his second daughter who is young enough to get married. Maulvi Abul here shows his faith in Allah. He says that Allah Almighty will arrange for the good fortune of his children, which shows his gratitude to Allah for his benevolence.

God be Praised Chapter 13 Book 1 English Notes for Class 11, God Be Praised Questions for FSC Part 1, God Be Praised Short Story Notes for FSC 1st year

God Be Praised Questions and Answers for Class 11 – FSC Part 1 Notes

Hereunder are 10 Questions and Answers of the short story “God Be Praised” from Textbook of FSC, 1st Year and 13 Question Answers from Kips English notes.

Q.1 What was Alias Abul’s full name?

Ans. Maulvi Abul’s full name was Maulvi Abdul Barkat.

Q.2 What was his turban known as and where did it originally come from?

Ans. His turban was known as Mashadi lungi. It originally came from Mashad in Iran.

Q.3 What did he always carry which him?

Ans. He always carried with him a walking stick, a sort of sceptre with decorative bands of brass and gilt on it.

Q.4 Describe the Maulvi’s appearance?

Ans. Maulvi Abul had slightly bulging eyes. On his head, he wore a light brown turban known as Mashadi lungi. On his fingers, he wore silver rigs with large turquoise stones.

Q.5 How much money did the Maulvi collect on every Eid?

Ans. Maulvi Abul collected 150 to 200 rupees from the devotees on every Eid.

Q.6 How much money was distributed among the needy and the poor?

Ans. Maulvi Abul distributed 40 to 50 rupees in the presence of the worshippers among the needy and the poor of the village.

Q.7 What was the name of his eldest daughter?

Ans. His eldest daughter’s name was Mehrunnisa.

Q.8 What was the name of the member of the District Board where the Maulvi lived?

Ans. The name of the member of the District Board was Chaudhry Fateh Dad.

Q.9 What was the name of Maulvi Abul’s wife?

Ans. The name of his wife was Zaibunnisa.

Q.10 Write the names of the other daughter who are mentioned in the story?

Ans. Their names are Zabda, Shamsunnisa and Umdatunnisa.

Class 11 English Chapter 13 Question Answers – Kips Notes Additional Short Questions

Q.1 What is the moral lesson of the story?

Ans. The moral lesson of the story is that if we have faith in God Almighty all our problems are solved y the grace of Allah. We should be contented with our lot.

Q.2 What did the old hag remark about Mehrun’s dowry?

Ans. She remarked that various suits in the dowry once belonged to a woman who had died in her youth. The bracelets and the gold nose ring belonged to Zaibunnisa. But she was not sure of the gold pendants.

Q.3 What did dMaulvi Abul decided never to use?
What did Maulvi Abul promise after buying the shoes for Umda?

Ans. Maulvi Abdul vowed that he would never use the powdered tobacco that he loved so much.

Q.4 When did Maulvi Abul’s prayers become intense and prolonged?

Ans. His prayers became intense and prolonged when his eldest daughter reached the age of 14.

Q.5 What mistake did Maulvi Abul make during Ramadan?

Ans. He began straying from one surah to the Holy Quran to another or repeated the same twice in the smae part of prayer.

Q.6 Where di Maulvi Abul and his wife lock extra money?

Ans. They locked the extra money in a tin box.

Q.7 What was the cause of Maulvi Abul’s worries?

Ans. The cause of his worries was the inability to find a suitable match for his daughter Mehrun.

Q.8 When did Chaudhary Fateh Dad give new clothes to Maulvi Abul?

Ans. Chaudhry Fateh Dad gave Maulvi Abul new clothes once in a year after every harvest.

Q.9 How did Maulvi Abul inaugurate Shamim Ahmed’s shop?

Ans. Maulvi Abul inaugurated Shamim Ahmad’s shop by first reciting a few verses from the Holy Quran and then by buying a piece of cloth for Mehrun’s dowry.

Q.10 What did Maulvi Abul feel when Shamim Ahmad said something to him at the door?

Ans. A thrill went through him when he listened to the words of Shamim Ahmad.

Q.11 What kind of cloth did Maulvi Abul choose to buy?

Ans. He selected a piece of pink cloth with beautiful flowers nestling amidst yellow dots.

Q.12 Why did Maulvi Abul want to shout back at Chaudhry Fateh Dad?

Ans. When Chaudhry Fateh Dad reprimanded Maulvi Abul for a mistake, the Maulvi wanted to shout back at him and tell him what it was like to be a father of daughters.

Q.13 What was the concept of Chaudhry Fateh Dada about the daily gift of the evening meal to Maulvi Abul?

Ans. He regarded the daily gift of the evening meal to Maulvi Abul as part of his daily worship.

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