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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Story in English with Moral


Here is The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Story with Moral Lesson in English.  This story is about two mouses who were friends. The mouse from invited firstly his friend from town and treated him good. Later on, the town mouse invited his country mouse friend. You can read the title of this story as “The country mouse and the Town Mouse Story” too. This story is good as a bedtime story as well as for the students of class 6, class 7, class 8 and class 9. For more stories, you can visit this link. The suggested moral lesson of this story is East or West, Home is the Best.

Short Story Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Moral Lesson

A country mouse and town mouse became fast friends. Once the country mouse invited the town mouse to dinner. He was served with simple and coarse food. One seeing the food to be served to him. That was not fit for flies even. Then the town mouse invited the country mouse to enjoy the real food. The country mouse was very much tempted and accompanied him.

On arrival, the country mouse saw sweet and delicious dishes placed on the table. He suggested that they should start eating right now. But the town mouse told him that there was no need to hurry up. “We would dine after the guests had taken their dinner”. Soon the master and other guests arrived in the room and the mice ran into the hole. After dinner, the mice came out and got ready to eat. But, unfortunately again there was a noise and the mice ran into the hole more. “What was that”? Asked the country mouse. The town mouse replied, “It is nothing. It is the master’s cat. Let her eat to her heart’s content. We shall be free to eat to our heart’s content later on”. The country mouse was deadly pale. He tried to run away from that place where his life was in danger. He preferred his simple food than to going for such delicious food at the risk of life. Thus, he escaped to the country.

Moral: East or west, home is the best.

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