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Greed is a Curse Story – As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Moral Story


Greed is a Curse Story with Moral in English for 1st Year Students with Quotes

here is one more Famous Moral Story is available here Now. In this post, I am sharing Greed is a Curse Story with Moral in English for 1st Year Students. The same story could be written under the title As You Sow, So Shall You Reap or He who digs a pit for others falls into it himself. The story is taken from the notes of Sir Rana Attique. Fore more Moral Stories you can Visit This Link.

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Moral Story for Class 11 Students

A long time ago, there lived three friends in a village which was quite backward and remote from the city. The three friends were uneducated as well as unemployed because the village was devoid of all such possibilities. As all of them were quite grown up and strong but jobless, they felt ashamed because their parents and relatives considered them an extra burden to their limited resources budget. In short, things were never favourable for them in the village and hence, they had got frustrated.


One day, the three friends decided to leave the village for a city in order to get employed there. They wanted to work hard and prove to the world that they were no more useless white elephants. So one early morning they left the village and started for the city. On their way, they had to pass through a dense forest. So, they decided to side with one another through every thick and thin so that they might reach the city safe and sound.


When they were only half way through the forest, they saw a glittering object a few meters away from them. They rushed and picked it up. It was a golden bag with a lot of gold in it. They were overjoyed with happiness because they had become rich in the blink of an eye. They were feeling very hungry. One of them offered to bring food from the nearby town. They agreed unanimously that first they should take a meal and then divide the gold equally among themselves.

Accordingly, one of the friends went to buy some food and the other two laid down under the shade of trees. On the way to the nearby town, the third fried thought that he might get all the gold if he killed the other two by poisoning the food. So, his greediness compelled him to poison the food and he came back with a devilish will.


On the other hand, the other two also worked out on the same lines. They planned to kill their friend on his coming back and divide the gold equally. When the third friend reached with food the other two killed him. Afterwards, they sat down to eat the poisoned meal calmly. They were very excited and impatient about the gold, so they ate heartily the whole meal. Then they began to divide the gold among themselves but before they could do anything, the poison did everything and they lay down dead with the gold and golden bag laughing and mocking at them for their greed and ill-will.

Possible Morals:

  1. Greed is a curse.
  2. As you sow, so shall you reap.
  3. He who digs a pit for others falls into it himself. 

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