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Greedy Dog Story in English Written with Moral for Kids


The Greedy Dog and its Reflection is a famous Moral Story. Here is a Greedy Dog Story in English Written with Moral for Kids. This is an important story for the students of Class 5 and Class 9 students. Greedy Dog Moral story is a very good story for those who are looking for moral stories for kids bedtimes. The possible morals of this story are, Be contented with what you have & Greed is a Curse.

The Greedy Dog Story in English Writing for Kids

Once there lived a greedy dog in a town. He managed to get a piece of meat from somewhere. He was selfish; he wanted to eat it all alone. So, he decides to go away from the town. On the way, he crossed a stream by a bridge. The water of the stream was deep and crystal clear. The dog saw his own reflection in the water. He through that there must be another dog in the stream with the piece of meat in his mouth. He wanted to eat that piece also. Without wasting any time, he jumped from the bridge into the stream. Thus, instead of getting another piece of meat, the greedy dog lost his own too.

Possible Morals:

  • Be contented with what you have.
  • Greedy is a Curse.

The Greedy Dog and his Reflection Story

There was a dog that was very hungry. He tried to search for food here and there and at last, he found a piece of meat. He picked the piece of meat with his mouth and started going back to his home. There was a river on the way to his home. When he started crossing the bridge of this river he saw his reflection in the water. The dog thought that there was another dog with a piece of meat in the water. He wanted to get that other piece of meat too. So, he started barking at his own reflection. When he opened his mouth to bark, his own piece of meat fell in the river. The greedy dog lost his piece of meat.

Moral of the Story: Don’t be greedy.

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