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Short Story Bad Company with Moral in English


This post contains bad company story in English with moral lesson for students. This is a good moral and bed time story for kids and students. If you are looking for bed time stories, I have already shared small short stories for kids. Students of different classes can write this short story or moral story bad company with moral or a good boy falls into bad company story. I have already shared a lot of Moral Stories in English. However, Kids and children can see Very Short Moral Stories.

A Bad Company Moral Story in English for Students

Once there was a good boy. He always obeyed his parents. After sometime, he began to move in a bad company. HIs father tried his best to set him right but, all in vain. One day he thought of a plan and brought a dozen of apples. he showed them to his son and promised to give him the apples the next day. At night, he ordered his son to put a rotten apple among them. The next day all the apples became rotten. He called his son and gave him the apples to eat. The son refused to eat them because they were rotten. The father told his son that one rotten apples had spoiled the whole lot. He said that a bad company spoils one’s character like the apples. They boy became thoughtful. He promised to give up the bad company. Now his father was very pleased with him.

Moral Lesson:

  1. Do not keep a bad company.
  2. Better be alone than in bad company

A good boy falls into bad company story in English with Moral Lesson

Once there was a certain boy. He came of noble parents. He was very gentle and honest. He was the topmost boy in the class and was in the good books of his teachers. He was the apple of his parents’ eyes.

As ill luck would have it he fell into evil society. he neglected his studies and turned a deaf ear to the advice of his elders. he took to gambling. His father was much pained at this. After a good deal of thinking he hit upon a nice plan to mend him. He ordered him to bring a basket of apples from the market. The boy did as he was told. Then the father game him a rotten apple and told him to place it among the good good ones. It was done. The basket was then laid aside for a few days.

One day the father sent for his son. He asked him to bring the basket. The boy promptly obeyed him. Great was his surprise when he saw that all the apples had gone bad. The father explained to him how a single rotten apple had spoiled all the good ones. Similarly the evil society ruins even the most pious of men. This had the effect of magic on the boy. He swore there and then to give up bad company and was as dutiful a boy as before.

This story teaches us that we sould beware of evil society.

Moral Lesson:

One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

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