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No Work, No Food Story with Moral Lesson – English Short Story


Here is “No Work, No Food in English with Moral Lesson” for students. This is one of the good bed time stories. So, you can tell this story to your kids if they like to listen to stories before going to bed. This moral story is also being posted here for the students of 1st year of FA and FSC. Students of Class 9 can also prepare this one. This story is about an Ant and the Cricket and tells us the lesson that those who live without work, must learn to live without food.

The Cricket and the Ant

It was the winter season. It has rained and snowed. A cricket, which has not saved anything for his adviser days, lay starving in his home. At last, he came out in search of some food to satisfy his hunger. But, to his utter dismay, he could not find even a morsel of food or a blade of grass. He was tired, wet and shivering with a terrible cold. He knocked at the door of an ant. The door was opened and the cricket entered. “Yes,” said the ant. “You see”, said the cricket, “I am wet and hungry. Will you lend me some food? Take the word of a gentleman that I shall return it to you.” The ant was moved with pity. “This house.” Said she, “is yours; but you see we ants never lend and never borrow. But did you not anything in the spring?” “No, not, “replied the cricket, “The weather was no nice, I sang”, “Oh you sang! Said the ant, “Did you? Well, dance winter away!” So, in a very polite manner, the ant turned the poor cricket out.

Moral Lesson:

  • Those who live without work must learn to live without food.
  • No Work, No Food.
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  1. Rizwan Mehmood

    September 30, 2023 at 7:16 am

    This story gives us a good moral
    No Work No Food.


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