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Appearances are Often Deceptive Moral Story


Appearances are Often Deceptive Moral Story for 1st Year

Appearances are Often Deceptive Moral Story is here for the students of 1st Year. Students of Class 11 can write the same story under the title, All that glitters is not gold story, A foolish Stag Story. This story is taken from the notes of Sir Rizwan Yasin [M.PHL Eng]. To explore more stories you can visit Moral Stories.

Appearances are Often Deceptive Story for Students of Class 11

Once a stag was drinking water at a stream of clear water in a forest. He saw his reflection in the water. He was greatly impressed by the beauty and shine of his glittering horns. He felt proud of his beautiful horns. He felt sorry at the sight of his thin legs, he thought his legs ugly and unworthy of him. So he began to curse his ugly legs.

The stag was lost in his dreams when he heard the howls of hounds. He jumped up and ran towards the forest to save his life. He ran as fast as he could. His thin and ugly legs were of great help to him. Soon he covered a long distance and was beyond the reach of the hounds. To be more safe, he hid himself in a thick bush and again lost in his sweet dreams of beautiful horns. The hounds continued their chase. Soon they reached near the bush. When the stag heard their howls, he jumped up to run away. But, unfortunately, his beautiful horns got entangled in the bush. He struggled very hard to free himself from the thorny bushes but in vain. He repented of his pride and cursed his beautiful horns which had entrapped him there. The hounds fell upon him and tore him into pieces in no time. It is clear from this story that all that glitters is not gold and Appearances are often deceptive.

Moral: Appearances are often deceptive.

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