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Unity is Strength Story with Moral in English with Quotes


Unity is Strength Moral Story in English Written for Class 9 and 11 – 1st Year

Here is Unity is Strength Story with Moral in English Written for Students. The same Story could be written under the title, Old Man and his Sons Story with Moral, Union is Strength Story, United we stand, divided we fall story and Story on Unity and Teamwork. This is an outstanding story with very good vocabulary for good students. This is a moral story in which an old man teaches a lesson about the unity to his sons. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. You can visit Moral Stories as well. This unity story is being posted here for the students of Class 9, 10th Class, Class 11, First Year of ICS, FA and FSC Intermediate.

Unity is Strength Short Story with Moral Lesson – Bedtime Stories

One there lives a farmer in a village. He had three quarrelsome sons who used to quarrel with one another. The farmer was utterly sick of their cat-dog life. He tried his best to create harmony and unity among them, but all his efforts proved fruitless. His Sons always turned a deaf ear to his took to his advice. This grief told upon his advice. This grief told upon his health and he took to bed. He wanted to unite his sons before his death.


One day he hit upon a plan to materialize his dreams. He sent for his sons and asked them to bring some sticks. When they had completed their task, he ordered them to tie all the sticks in the shape of a bundle. His order was carried out. Now he ordered them to break the bundle one by one. They were astonished, but they obeyed. The struggle started. Everyone tried with all his might and main but in vain. When they were out of breath, he asked them to unite the bundle, one of them untied the bundle sticks were lying shattered on the ground. He asked them to break the sticks one by one. It was not a hard nut to crack. So all of them broke so many sticks within no time.

The farmer had succeeded in creating a suitable situation to teach them a lesson. He advised them that strength lies in unity. As long as the sticks were united, they could not break them.

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world.”

If they were united like sticks, they would be strong and undefeated. But, if they kept on quarrelling, they would burn their fingers and opponents would crush them. They got the point and promised their father never to quarrel again.

Unity Story Morals:

  1. United you stand, divided you fall.
  2. The union is the strength.
  3. Unity is Strength.

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