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All That Glitters is Not Gold Story with Moral – A Foolish Stage


A Foolish Stage Story – All That Glitters is Not Gold Story with Moral

This post Contains All That Glitters is Not Gold Story with Moral for Students of Class 9 and 1st year. The same story could be written under the title Appearance is always deceptive, all that glitters is not Gold story, A Foolish Stage Story. This is the story of a Foolish Stage. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. You can visit Moral Stories as well.

Moral Story All That Glitters is Not Gold in English

It is said: there lived a stag in a forest. He was proud of his swift speed, sharp and pointed horns and well-built body. He used to stroll and stride in the forest and enjoyed life to its peak. One day while wandering in the forest, he felt thirsty. He reached a nearby stream to quench his thirst. While drinking water he saw his own reflection in the transparent water of the steam. He was pleased to see his beautiful horns that were like a crown on his head. He was intoxicated by their beauty and could not help praising them. His wandering eyes reached to his thin legs. He was grieved at their ugliness and thought them a slur upon his beautifully built body. He started cursing them. He was lost in these thoughts when he heard the bark of some hounds.

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This trouble pulled him back from his thoughts. Hid face turned ghastly pale and he started running for his life. His thin legs helped him a lot and within no time he was out of the reach of the hounds. He reached in the dense part of the forest. Everything was in his favour as he was completely out of the sight of his enemies. Suddenly his long pointed horns got entangled in a thorny bush. Out of frying pan into the fire, he tried his best to get rid of the bush but in vain. His thin legs which were disliked and cursed proved a blessing for him and took him away from the danger. But his favourite horns were proving the cause of his death. He realized the fact that appearance is always deceptive. He was sure nearer. Soon they approached him and tore him into pieces.

Possible Morals:

  1. All that glitters is not gold.
  2. Pride hath a fall.
  3. Appearance is always deceptive.

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