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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story with Moral in English


A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story with Moral for Class 9 and Class 11

In this post, you will find a Moral Story ” A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story in English”. This is a story for the Students of Class 9, Class 11 and other Classes. The story could be written under the title Moral Story Beware of selfish friends. This Moral Story is taken from the notes of Sir Rizwan Yasin [M PHL Eng]. For more Moral Stories Visit This Link.

Short Story A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed

Once two friends went on a journey together. They were on foot. They promise to help each other through thick and thin. One day, they happened to pass through a forest. Suddenly, they saw a bear coming towards them. The one ran and Climbed up a tree. He did not care for his friend. The other was confused but thought of a trick. He at once lay down and held his breath. He knew that the bear does not harm a dead person. The bear came there. He sniffed took the man to be dead and went away. When the bear was out of sight, the first friend came down the tree and asked for what was the bear saying in his ear by way of a joke. The 2nd friend replied, “The bear advised me not to trust a false friend”. Saying this, he went on his way alone.

2. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Moral Story in English for 1st Year

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a village. One of them was sharp and selfish while the other was innocent and selfless. They were living in abject poverty. So, one day they decided to try their luck in some other city. They set off on a journey to materialize their dreams. They passed through a forest. Chatting and laughing, they covered most of the journey peacefully. Once or twice they were in danger but they faced the dangers manfully. But one of the incidents proved that fair-weather friends leave in the lurch. One day when they were passing through a thick part of the forest, they came across a bear. The sharp and selfish friend took to his heels and climbed up a tree, leaving his friend in danger. But the other one could not find time to climb up a tree.

In the listlessness of despair, he lay on the ground and held his breath. He pretended to be dead and started praying to God for his life. The bear sniffed him from head to toe, but he did not move at all considering him dead, the bear left him unharmed and went away into the forest. When the bear was well out of sight, the first friend climbed down the tree and came to his friend he asked in mocking tone what the bear was saying into his ear. The friend, who was grieved at the selfishness of his friend disliked his tone. He replied angrily that the bear advised him never to trust a fair-weather friend who always leaves in the lurch. So, be careful in making friends. With these words, he said his friend goodbye forever and went away alone to reach his destination.

Possible Morals:

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  2. Beware of selfish friends.

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