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Do Good, Have Good Story in English with Moral Lesson


In this post, I am sharing Do Good, Have Good Story in English with Moral Lesson for 1st Year Students. There are already many moral stories available on the internet but in this post, you will find quality stuff as I have taken it from Kips Notes. The same Do Good, Have Good English Story could be written under the title, The Lion and the Slave Story, Kindness never goes unrewarded story, Do Good Have Good Moral Story and One good turn deserves another moral story.

The length of the story is very good with the point of view of the required word count for Class 11 students. I have already shared 1st Year Complete English Notes. Students should visit the mentioned notes. However, the students who want 1st Year PDF books can go here. On ilmihub, you can download All Subjects PDF Notes of Class 11.

Do Good, Have Good English Story with Moral Lesson for Class 11 – 320 Words

Once upon a time, there was a slave. He was a very hardworking person. He used to work from dawn to dusk. But his work and faithfulness could never please his cruel master. Instead of providing him proper necessities of life, his master punished and abused him time to time. The slave was sick of this inhuman treatment and torture. He decided to get rid of his cruel master.

One day he left the house and ran away to a jungle. He was tired and wanted to take some rest. He found a safe place and went to sleep. He was enjoying a sound sleep but a noise woke him up. He got up and tried to find the cause of the disturbance. He saw a lion that was lying nearby and moaning with pain. He did not want to invite any trouble, so he decided to run away. he was about to run when he saw the lion’s swollen paw. He could see a thorn in its paw. he took pity on the lion and could not help helping it. Fearfully, he came near the lion, took out the thorn from its paw and ran away.

After some days the slave was arrested. He was sentenced to be thrown before a hungry lion. One the fixed day, he was taken into an arena. There was pin-drop silence in the arena. Suddenly, he heard an angry roar of a lion. Out of fear, he closed his eyes. He was sure that his days were numbered. The lion reached near him. But instead of attacking him, it started licking his feet. Everyone was surprised at this sight. The slave opened his eyes and found the same lion before him whom he had helped in the forest. The slave was set free due to his kindness.

Story Moral Lesson

  1. Kindness never goes unrewarded.
  2. Do Good, Have Good.
  3. One good turn deserves another.
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