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Think Before You Speak Story with Moral Lesson – English Short Story


Here is “Think Before You Speak Story with Moral Lesson” for students of school and colleges. Parents can tell this moral story to their kids before going to bed and students can prepare this story as their course. This Moral Story is for FA, FSC, and Class 9 Students. Students of 1st year I mean Class 11 can learn it. This story is about a conversation between a Villager and Philosopher who were going to a village. The story is as under. You can go here for more stories.

The Philosopher and a Villager

Once a philosopher was going to a village. On the way, he came across a villager who was also proceeding to the same village.

The villager inquired of the philosopher, how much time he would take to reach the village.

The philosopher replied, “go on”.

The villager thought that the philosopher had not understood his question. He repeated his question but got the same reply.

Now he became sure that the philosopher was a mad man. He went ahead.

He had hardly covered 50 yards when the philosopher asked him to come back.

The villager turned back.

“Well,” said the philosopher, “it will take you one hour and a half to reach the village.” “Good”, said the villager, “but why did you not tell it to me before?”

“O, fool!” replied the philosopher, “how could I tell you anything when I did not know the speed at which you walk?”

The villager felt ashamed and took his way.

Moral lessons:     

  • Look before you leap.
  • Think before you speak.

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