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Look Before You Leap Story with Moral in English for Class 11


Shorty Story Look Before You Leap in English Writing with Moral Lesson

This post contains Look Before You Leap Story for 1st Year. The same Story could be written under the title All Covet All Lose Story, Greed is a Curse Story or Haste makes Waste Story. This Look Before you Leap Story for Class 11 is here for students. This story is taken from notes of Photon Science Academy. Some more Moral Stories are also available.

Look Before You Leap Moral Story for 1st Year Students

Once there lived a man in a village. He was so poor that sometimes he had to live without food. He kept dreaming and praying about a happy life. He always prayed to God to make him prosperous. In his opinion, it was wealth that could be a source of his satisfaction. Ultimately, his prayers bore fruit and his dreams seemed to be realized.

One day, he came to know that his hen had laid an egg of gold, he was surprised. His happiness knew no bounds at this miracle. He immediately went to the nearest goldsmith who confirmed that the egg was of gold. The man sold it and got a lot of money. As every dark cloud has a silver lining, the poor man trial period was over. The hen laid an egg of gold every third day. His bread was buttered pm both sides. He sold it at a high price and soon became rich. Everyone envied his fate but he was not satisfied. He was overpowered by greed. He wanted to become the richest person in the village.

Greed had dissolved his intellect. One day he decided to slaughter the hen. He wanted to get all the eggs at one time. A sensible person forbade him to do such a foolish act. He advised him to be contented to his lot. But, greed had made him insane and he did not listen to the sensible person’s advice.


The lust of wealth forced him to slaughter his hen. But he was shocked to know that there was only one egg in her belly. Now, he realized his foolishness but it was too late.

Possible Morals:

  1. All covet, all lose.
  2. Haste makes waste.
  3. Greed is a curse.
  4. Look before you leap.

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