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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Story – King of the Jungle


A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss Story for 1st Year – King of the Jungle Story

Here is King of Jungle Story. In fact, this is A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Story for 1st Year. So, the Students of Class 11 can prepare it for the exams. The story is about the selection of king of the Jungle and at the end Moral is Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. This story has been taken from the educational notes of Sir Rana Attique. Want more stories? Click Moral Stories.

Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss Moral Story for Class 11

Once upon a time, there arose a dispute between the animals and the birds regarding the selection of their King. This was indispensable to secure their rights. Both the parties realized that the majority should be privileged to entertain the authority.

On a certain day, the birds and animals assembled at the polling station. The eagle and the lion were the candidates from the birds and animals respectively.

Both the camps were equally strong. No one was willing to withdraw. As the supporters of either side were raising crucial demonstrations. The matter could not be resolved. Ultimately there was a war declaration as the negotiations proved unsuccessful. An interesting situation was observed when the bat was seen playing a dual role. It took each time, the side of the winning party. It had a justification of giving milk to its young ones like animals. Its changing attitude was a new subject of debate. Its constitutional status says yet to be decided.

After all, the consensus was developed and the lion was made King of the Jungle. The bat went to their class but was not accepted as it laid eggs too. Then it gives milk to its young ones. It was duly punished for remaining uncertain and opportunist. Since then the bat remains detached from both the communities. That is the reason it feels shy appearing during day time. It only comes out when the darkness is prevailing.

Possible Morals: A Rolling stone gathers no moss.

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