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The King and The Spider Moral Story

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The King and The Spider Moral Story for 1st Year

Here is The King and The Spider Moral Story for 1st Year students. This story can be written under the titles, The story of King, Short Story of King, King Bruce and the Spider Short Story with Moral, King and the Spider Story, Try, Try Again Story, Moral Story about King or The King and the Spider Story. This story is taken from the notes of Sir Rizwan Yaseen [M. PHL Eng]. Here are some more Mora Stories also available which you can check by Going Here.

The King and The Spider Story for Class 11

Robert Bruce was a brave king of Scotland. He fought several battles against the British. He had to face defeat again and again. Once the king had to run away from the battle-field to save his life. The British soldiers chased him but he hid himself in a cave. He was entirely disappointed and decided to give p his struggle forever.

When the king was lost in his thoughts of misfortune, he saw a spider which had fallen from the cobweb. It tried again and again to reach its cobweb but fell down every time. The king was observing the spider with keen interest. He thought that the spider could not reach its cobweb.

the spider took a little rest and started to climb up again. It did not lose its heard and kept on trying to achieve its goal again and again. At last, the spider succeeded to reach its web.

The King was greatly inspired by the will-power of the spider. He realized that “man is not made for defeat”. He made up his mind to make another effort to crush his enemy. He came out of the cave with a new spirit. He gathered his army and attacked the English army with full vigour. This time, he succeeded in defeating his enemy and won freedom for his people.

This story proves that we should train again and again to achieve our goal.

Mora: Try, Try again until you succeed. 

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